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Unique Recipes For Pike From Past Time

Recipes from rare Soviet cookbook 'Cooking', published 1955 in the USSR.

In the USSR it was considered Thursday fish day, when the industries and enterprises of public catering was served mainly fish. Not a pike, of course, but not impossible. Bon appetit!

Pike a steam
Fish 150, 3 onions, parsley 3, 75 broth, mushrooms 30, 10 crabs, butter 10, citric acid 0.1, lemon 1/10 pcs., garnish 100, 100 sauce and pepper.

Portion pieces of fish, cut from the fillet with the skin without bones, put in one row in a saucepan, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add the sliced parsley and onion, pour broth so that the fish was covered by half, and simmered over low heat in a sealed container.
In fish, laid on a dish or a plate, put the cooked mushrooms and crabs, and the side of the fish - boiled potatoes. Broth remaining after simmered fish boil down by half, add white sauce, season with butter and citric acid and pour them fish.
On top of the sauce on the fish put a slice of lemon and sprinkle with parsley.
The fish can be cooked without mushrooms, crabs and lemon.
You can also cook the cod, walleye, catfish, burbot, flounder, halibut.

Pike stuffed entirely
Fish, 90, 20 onions, white bread 15, 20 milk, margarine, cream 10, 5 eggs, 1 garlic, garnish 150, 100 sauce.

If stuffing whole pike after cleaning of the scales and wash in cold water penetrate the skin around the head and then separating it from the meat with your fingers, gently tear. At the tail spinal bone cut off so that the tail was left at the skin.
Remove the skin, gut fish, wash and separate the meat from the bones, cook the stuffing out of him. To make it, cut from the fillet flesh and onion mince, mix with soaked in milk wheat bread, egg, oil, salt, pepper and the second mince. Fill the stuffing skin pike.
Stuff the fish in such a way to put on a greased baking sheet, pour a little broth, cover with oiled paper and simmered in ovens.

Prepare fish cut into portions and serve with a side dish (boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes). Serve with tomato sauce or steam.

Stay tuned!

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