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How to configure a Linksys router using the IP address is an Internet Protocol address typically used by the Linksys broadband network routers, and sometimes used by the gateway equipment of the home network or other brands routers. The network administrators are using this ip address in order to help set up the new broadband router or update the necessary settings for the existing device. The same internet protocol address can as well as be used on the commercial computer networks in the offices and industries.

Technically, a device like computer and printer connected in the network can be set up to this particular ip address instead of the router even though that is not a suggested network setup as it can easily meet to the ip address conflicts. This specific ip address is actually a private internet protocol address range which starts with the and extends up to the

Get router connections using IP:

It is not always needed to know your routers default ip address. Phones and some other devices usually can find a router by its SSID or name whenever they want to get online. But knowing the ip address will become so important when setting up your new router or while the process of troubleshooting when your home network has some problem. If your router has an ip address, you can easily connect to it by visiting on your web browser.

This link will allow you to log into the administrator console of your router device and access its displayed configuration screens. This procedure might fail due to various reasons including,

1. Your router device is set up to use the varied ip address instead

2. Your router has failed and is in the unresponsive condition to the connections through the browser.

3. Your computer and a web browser failed to combine in the network.
Troubleshooting of your unresponsive Linksys router using ip address is required to find a problem and solution to solve it.

Configuring Linksys router:

In order to configure your Linksys router device, simply type this ip address in to the web browser. There is a configuration page appeared on your display with the complete details of your router. In this page, you will be asked to enter the username and password of your network router. If there is no login page displayed and there is an error, then your router is not connected to the address or your computer doesn’t have connection with the router.

In this situation, you need to check the connection between the router and computer and then try again the same process. Once you have got the login page of the router, you have to enter username and password. Linksys routers have default usernames and passwords. According to your router model, you have to enter these details to get into the router’s configuration page using ip. But don’t worry all problems regarding the Linksys routers can be easily solved in a simpler manner.



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