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Tips for Riding in Summers

Motorbikes, one of the greatest way to truly experience the outdoors. This is both, a benefit and the drawback of riding, being absolutely exposed to your surroundings. When it’s a perfect spring day, there is nothing quite like going for a ride. But, when summer is at its peak, riding can get very, very hot. Sometimes it feels like you’re facing a giant hair dryer, with the hot wind heating up each and every surface of your body and motorcycle to a point you thought was impossible. Goes without saying, you need to be well-prepared to ride in the summers. Here are some summer bike riding tips.

1. Get some air: most helmets and motorcycle gear are equipped with vents. Most often we forget to let that cool breeze in. The simplest solution can also be the most effective, unzipping and opening up the vents to the fullest is the most useful bike tip in summer. Have a friend help you with the hard to reach zippers such as the ones in the back of your jacket.

2. Water it down: your core body temperature rises quite a bit while riding, and you’ll feel like jumping into a cool pond at some point in the ride. Although we don’t advise against the pond, dousing the heat with a bottle of water or even a cool wet towel on your neck while on a roadside break should sufficiently reduce that core body temp and ease your discomfort as well.

3. Rely on breathable gear: this bike tip is kind of a no-brainer. We’re not asking you to put on a pair of flip-flops and a t-shirt, but do make sure you purchase a solid set of ventilated and armoured gear to replace your leathers in the summer. Do bear in mind that these materials are less abrasive resistant, and will probably fall apart in a crash, so a slight compromise must be made for your comfort.

4. Stay hydrated: hot weather can play a sly game, you’ll be sweating out your electrolytes and they will evaporate before you even know it. This gets pretty dangerous and you don’t want to be dizzy on a 2-wheeled machine going at 100 km/h. The trick to beat the heat is to drink way more water than you feel you need to. This will ensure your reflexes stay sharp and you’re able to make the split-second decisions needed while on the road. Use your pit stops for bathroom breaks and to rehydrate. If you can’t stop every now and then, take a hint from the sports riders and wear your hydration on your back with equipment like Camelbak.

5. Prep your bike: constant air flow is what will keep you and your motorbike cool effectively. Some bikes are better equipped to do this than others. If your bike has faring vents, open them up. This will ensure the air keeps moving around you. If your ride comes with a removable windscreen, best to ditch it for the summer. You can even do some research and find aftermarket solutions for cooling you and your bike down.

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