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Focus Of SCADA On Data Management

The organizations that have SCADA implemented in their functions usually see different uses of these systems. Primarily designed to provide automation possibilities for different industrial processes and systems, these software systems have evolved in many ways. While the simple ones are designed to automate processes and sequence them, others offer different features like data acquisition, assimilation, data mining and access of data to different control points.

Data gathering

It is important that data acquisition is done along with process sequencing that is keyed into a SCADA system. For instance, when different sequences of a production process are keyed in, the production data needs to be captured live and fed into a linked database. That allows live upload of data for the different production processes as well as highlights any errors or defects that might occur in the processes. This data remains available for viewing to those who are granted rights at this stage. Once the data is archived, it then becomes available for other personnel and departments as well.

Flow of data

The flow of data that is updated in a SCADA system needs to be accessed for different reasons. The data might be used for calculating daily production rates and other reports by the concerned departments. The same data is then used by other departments like marketing which checks the stocks which leave the premises, are distributed through different channels and so forth. The same data is used by inventory department and other functions as well. In certain cases the data needs to be modified and uploaded or it could be needed for report generation or for arriving at other financial figures. For these reasons the control of data acquisition and modification rights need to be segregated.

Secure networks

When data is being remotely accessed by other parties who are in remote locations, the Modbus concept comes into play. Many companies, in order to ensure security of data that flows through networks, opt for Modbus or high speed data highways. This kind of data highway will ensure that data moves fast and through secure networks. These are parallel networks that are created for data to flow to remote locations without the fear of such data, spilling into public networks.

Getting data managed by experts

In order to structure the data hierarchy and databases, usually companies employ data architect solution experts. These experts need to come in and understand the flow of data among different departments as well as the volume of data that needs to be stored. Accordingly, they structure the data hierarchy, database management systems and define the access or flow of data to different access points. This is an important activity when an organization is large and large volumes of data are handled every day.

Hey myself Archer Finch. Even though I took extra care about my systems, but still it was more prone to hacking. With the introduction of the Modbus systems, my system is now very much safe from all sorts of threats, as most of the data acquisition systems are connected to web based portals or products.


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