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Veneers Treatment for Cosmetic Improvements

Cosmetic dentistry deals with issues that concern the appearance of a smile. These are the treatments that aim to make a smile look more attractive by treating the underlying causes of the cosmetic problems. There are a number of cosmetic treatments that can be done, depending on the issue that needs to be dealt with. A veneers treatment is one of the most common treatments chosen by those who want to improve their smile. The popularity of veneers comes from the fact that multiple problems can be solved with this treatment, and the short period of time needed to be able to see the cosmetic improvement.

What issues can be solved by veneers?

Teeth Gaps – Small teeth gaps can cause the smile to become instantly unattractive, regardless of the appearance of the other teeth surrounding the conspicuous space. An orthodontic treatment using dental braces may be used to close such gaps, but this procedure will take a few months or years to complete. Veneers are sometimes called, “instant orthodontics” because they can close the teeth gaps just as effectively as orthodontic braces, without the long treatment period involved. The porcelain shells can be customised to resemble natural teeth to close unsightly spaces.

Damaged Teeth – Teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay will greatly affect the attractiveness of a smile. The dark, decayed parts can be covered with the help of veneers, which are very thin porcelain shells placed on the front portion of affected teeth. Veneers can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth that have suffered from cracks or chips; the affected teeth will be treated with veneers to improve their appearance.

Crooked Teeth – Even the slightest misalignment of teeth can decrease the beauty of a smile. The minor teeth crookedness can be improved with dental braces; however, an orthodontic treatment will take months or years to be completed. A veneers treatment will work on making the teeth appear to be properly aligned, so that the entire smile looks healthy and attractive – sans the crookedness.

Teeth Discolouration – Teeth stains are caused by a number of factors, such as old age, consumption of teeth staining food & beverages, medications, and a smoking habit. Teeth discolouration can instantly add years to a person’s appearance; if left untreated, these stains may worsen and develop into tooth decay. Stained teeth will be vastly improved by veneers, which will work by covering the affected teeth to make the smile appear to be bright and healthy once more.


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