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Teach Yourself To Be A Rider

In a country that drives more two wheelers than four wheelers, it comes as an astonishing fact that there are barely any riding institutes. While even small towns have driving schools for cars, bike enthusiasts have to make do by learning through falling. Now while this might be alright for beginners, what about those who want to learn riding professionally? Riding sports bikes can’t exactly be learnt through trial and error!

With the construction of the Buddh International Circuit and other racing tracks, more and more riding enthusiasts are pursuing biking more seriously than ever before. Formal training is the call of the hour. Motorcycle enthusiasts are actually looking out for bike riding institutes in India.

The first riding school to open in India was the California Superbike School (CSS) at the MMSC track in Chennai in the year 2010. Founded by legendary motorbike racer Keith Code, this riding school operates in over 27 countries. Over the past 5 years, along with running very successfully in Chennai it has opened five other centres across India and trained over 500 students.

Another riding school that is doing very well is the Apex Racing Academy at Coimbatore. With the unique distinction of being the only institute that is open all year round, it offers classes along with stay options for students from far away. Established in 2011, the academy aims to promote safe motor sports among the younger generation. Other riding schools include Throttle Wide Open Track Riding School, Honda Ten10 Racing School and the TVS Racing School which are all short-term riding courses which focus on honing the skills of amateur riders.

However, before you speed off to one of these locations, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you need to be above 18 years of age to apply for enrolment. Anybody below that age who wants to pursue racing professionally can apply with a special affidavit signed by their parents or guardians explicitly granting their permission. The application is to be made to the FMSCI (Federation of Motor Clubs Sports of India) to obtain a license. To get the application accepted, the applicant has to demonstrate their skills on a motorbike to the members of the FMSCI and meet their standards. All the above mentioned schools have been accredited by the FMSCI council.

Another thing to take note of before embarking on a course is that wearing all the safety gear is strictly compulsory. Don’t forget it at home because while some institutes may offer them for rent, a lot of them don’t.

After your training, if you’re still itching for more, you can improve your riding at one-track races. These are organised by automobile companies like TVS and Honda regularly and while competitive, they offer scope of improvement to participants. Practising on these will help you go a long way in becoming a pro.

On the other hand, if you’re not the racing type and want to ride for your own pleasure, a better option would be to go on bike tours. This means a rider going solo or in a group for a road trip on their bike. To get extensive information on bike trails visit the Trails Of India website - India’s most exclusive community of bikers.

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