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How to Purchase Your Very First Violin

If you are looking into purchasing a used violin, you have to be cautious that there are no cracks in the wood. Cracks can frequently be repaired but if left unfixed they will not only make the violin tough to play, but they may also reduce of the instruments. Cracks that you should watch out for are on the backside of the violin. Small flaws near the top of the violin will frequently be less of an issue to repair.

The ribs or the side of the violin, also deserve your attention. The ribs of a poor quality instrument will frequently start commence to bulge out towards the back or the front. This happens as the wood was not prepared appropriately which makes it to shrink.


While purchasing a used violin from a violin shop Singapore, be sure that it is aligned properly. You should look down the instrument to check if everything is symmetrical. The bridge or neck required to be centered around the two holes on the violin known as “F Holes” as it comes in an F shape.


The infrastructure comprises of ensuring the strings are at the proper height away from the violin, the strings don’t buzz, the pegs turn smoothly, and the tone is modified properly. Most of the brand name instruments will come completely set up. Some used instruments that haven’t been played for quite a while may require some extra care. If this is your situation, you may have it modified in your local violin shop.

Violin Bow

Professional violinists may spend thousands of dollars for a properly manufactured violin bow. Brazilwood or fiberglass will cost you much less than the professionally preferred Pernambucco, and you won’t notice any issues if you are a beginner.

Violin sizes

For kid students, violins are available in different sizes. The best way to determine the size of the violin is to get for your kid is to have your kid hold different sizes until they get the one that is most comfortable for them. Age can be utilized as an usual guideline.

• 4/4 (Full size) - 12 and older
• 3/4 - 10-11
• 1/2 - 8-9
• 1/4 - 6-7
• 1/8 - 5-6
• 1/10 - 4-5
• 1/16 - Ages 3 and below

Violin Strings

Before purchasing strings from a violin store Singapore, be sure that they are of the appropriate size for your violin! As mentioned before, violins are available in various sizes. The strings that come with maximum student violins are steel core strings which create a bright tinny sound. With the beginner this obviously this isn’t an issue, but upgrading to the Perlon strings can make a huge difference in tone.


Don’t make your mind that a new violin isn’t worth of your time with just the very first impression. A violin needs to sound great. Just keep in mind, if you are looking for violins for sale, you may always get a good choice at your at your local violin shop Singapore.

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