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Everest Trekking - A Lifetime Adventure

Everest trekking is certainly an adventurous activity. In fact, here you will get the chance to meet new people and make new friends as well. There’re 2 routes that are familiar for the hikers. These are the Northern trail that’s approached from the Nepal province and the Southern trail that’s approached from the Chinese part of Tibet. There’re several guides around the base of the Everest who guide troops in & out of Everest. These guides assist in addressing camping based for spending nights and concurrently they help in finding shorter trails in the mountain.

An Everest trek may take ten to fifteen days relying on the walking tempo of the group and commencing point. There’re base camps at 5000 feet high above the mountain which’s primarily the advisable height that trekkers are advised to reach. Further up the five thousand feet base camp, a person’s life is under serious danger because of the absence of adequate oxygen & frost bites. While you’re climbing the mountain, you need climbing gears which are carried by “yaks” who’re the porters who helps to carry the burden to the mountains for a charge. There’re so many sites in the mountains that are major tourist attractions, such as river sources, sparkling springs and the glaciers.

While hiking the Everest from Tibet, one can go to a base camp as elevated as 6000 feet. In this province, there’re massive rock crevices `& glaciers that are truly an awe-inspiring site for the visitors. However, at this altitude, the temperatures are normally extremely low and folks with poor heart conditions are known to have demised. For such unfortunate reason, tourists are advised to move with expert guides who help in checking the weather states and counseling on the climbing limits.

Eating on the trek:

The mainstream of the foods you eat during an Everest base camp trek will be supplied by the tea houses. These welcoming rest houses are a crucial infrastructure for trekkers, offering overnight accommodation and great foods at affordable price. Some tea houses are very simple whereas others have a superior degree of comfort, but they’re all friendly in nature, greets the tourists in a friendly manner.

You find all sorts of people on the Everest Base Camp Trek: the old, the young and the famous. On an Everest trek you may well be sharing the route with mountaineers and their support teams, en-route to making a summit bid on the world's highest mountain.


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