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Cut Out Image Tutorials in Photoshop

Sometime, you cannot help but remove the background of an image for that perfect look. Cutting out background image is one of the most important tasks of photo editing. This requires professional skill and the support of a powerful tool to refine the edges around the subject and remove from the background.

Here is a tutorial how to cut out image and drop them in another interesting setting.
Step 1: Open the original image. From the Tools palette, select the Quick Selection tool. Tick Auto Enhance from the options for a smoother, less blocky image. Outline the subject in the image with the brush. Small bits in the background might get selected, which can be corrected later.

Step 2: Next, choose Refine Edge icon. Choose view and then On Layers to view unselected areas. From the Smart Radius box, set Radius to 2 and smoothness to 9 to start refining the edges. You can still have some missing strands of hair or visible bits of unwanted background.

Step 3: For fine-tuning the edges of the image, click the brush icon and choose the Refine Radius tool. Set the size to 60 and begin over visible backgrounds to delete them and around the edges of the hair to add missing strands. Switch to the Erase Refinements tool and brush over deleted areas to restore them. Set contrast to 16%, Shift Edge to +20 and Output to New Layer with Layer Mask.

Step 4: From layers, click OK to create a duplicate layer with mask as per the refined selection. From the Brush tool, set the foreground color to white, click on the mask and paint the missing hair detail. To reduce the brush size, tap the left square bracket. To increase the brush size, tap the right square bracket. Press “X” to switch to a black brush.

Step 5: Open the new background. Select- All and then Edit Copy. Switch to the image of the subject, go to Edit and Paste. Drag the Background copy layer in the Layers palette. Make changes as per needs from the Filter menu. Set new radius, brightness and threshold as needed and then click OK.

Step 6: Drag Background Copy layer onto Create new layer icon and create Background Copy 2. Change Blending Mode to Darken. Click on Background Copy and set opacity to 100%. Use a black brush tip around the hair outline to hide it. This action will reveal the fringe free hairs from the Background Copy 2 layer.

And, you are done with cut out image background.


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