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A Home Owner’s Guide To Maintaining A Septic Drain Field System

For the proper operation of your septic tank, septic drain field maintenance is very crucial. Most of us as house owners do not bother to give much thought as to where is the waste going. Yes! it literally goes down the drain! For the household water to be disposed safely, it is very necessary to clean and maintain the septic tank not only for health reasons, but for it to work well and last longer. A well maintained septic drain field system prevents ground water from getting polluted as well as saves the money for replacing the system.

Why is septic tank maintenance important?

1. An improper septic tank is expensive to repair or replace
2. Proper working and well maintained septic systems prevents health hazards for your family, neighborhood and community
3. A malfunctioning septic system devalues your property

Septic drain field maintenance involves:

• Locate the septic system and sketch a map for future services
• Uncover the manholes to get easier access to ports
• Check the toilets, kitchen sinks, bathroom showers to determine that all household plumbing system is working fine
• The scum and sludge levels in the septic tank are measured to determine whether the tank needs to be pumped or not
• Check the condition of the tank and the drain field, along with the tees and baffles condition for clogging. The distribution box and pump too is checked

Septic Drain Field Maintenance Tips:

• Keep a detailed record of all permits, inspections, repairs and any other maintenance function carried out for the septic system
• Do not grow plants whose roots go deep into the soil. It is advisable to grow grass around the septic tank system
• Do not allow heavy vehicles or heavy machinery to operate near the septic system, nor build anything over the drain field
• Do not dispose anything into the septic system that can be put into the trash can like food scraps, grease and cooking oil, toilet tissues, tampons, sanitary napkins, plastic, face towels, cigarette butts, condoms to list a few

A well maintained septic system saves a lot of money for the house owner. It is recommended to inspect the septic drain system at least once a year, while the moving parts should be checked every three months. Professional contractors will do a thorough check up of the septic system, including checking for breakages in pipes, roots in pipes or any other cause of blockage that renders the system to fail. Follow the above mentioned maintenance tips to avoid expenses and ensure a long functional life for your septic tank and drain field system.


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