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Avoiding Teeth Stains

One of the things that make a smile look unattractive is the presence of teeth stains. Teeth that are discoloured easily make the smile look unhealthy and far from pleasing to look at. A smile with a set of complete, straight teeth will still not look beautiful if the teeth look dark, yellow, or have obvious stains. Teeth whitening treatments done in dental clinics are the most effective and safest ways to bring back the brightness of the smile, as these treatments work by removing the stains on the surface of teeth. There are also some things that can be followed to avoid having stained teeth in the first place.

Good oral hygiene plays a key role in the maintenance of a bright smile. Regular tooth brushing and using dental floss will remove food pieces and other debris that can lead to teeth staining (among other dental problems) when left inside the mouth for a long period of time. Going for regular dental hygiene treatments and dental check-ups are also beneficial as teeth get professionally cleaned to maintain that sparkling, bright appearance. The dentist can also check for early dental problem signs, which may lead to unsightly stains and damage on teeth.

Teeth discolourations can be avoided by staying away from food and beverages that cause stained teeth problems. Some of the biggest culprits of teeth staining include coffee, soda, tea, and red wine. Heavy consumption of these beverages on a regular basis can lead to the teeth taking on a darker hue, decreasing the brightness of the smile. It is best to limit the consumption of teeth-staining drinks to prolong the brightness and whiteness of the teeth. The use of straws will also help in protecting teeth from stains, since using a straw limits the exposure of the teeth to the staining drinks. Food items that stain the teeth include berries and beets; it is a good idea to drink water or rinse the mouth thoroughly after eating these items to wash away the staining substances from the surface of teeth.

Smoking cigarettes results to the teeth taking on a darker, yellowish shade. Long-time smokers often have nicotine deposits in between teeth, and these deposits can only be removed completely by a dentist. If left on the surface of teeth, these deposits can lead to dental problems such as tooth decay. Stopping the smoking habit will greatly benefit the appearance of the teeth, and will also prevent a host of other health problems from developing in the long run.

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