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How Craniofacial Reconstruction Is Done

Among the different kinds of reconstruction surgical procedures that are conducted, the most complex and intricate are the craniofacial reconstruction procedure. This type of procedure is done for changing the shape of the face and the skull. There might occur a serious injury to the skull or face due to an accident or any kind of trauma faced. Again, some people suffer from birth defects in their craniofacial region. These are instances when craniofacial reconstruction procedures are required. Usually a neurosurgeon and a cosmetic surgeon work together for making the reconstruction procedure successful. As there are several nerves that are present in the facial region and the skull it is necessary to ensure that these are not damaged and they are restored to their normal function by the time the facial reconstruction is complete.

Reconstruction surgery often focuses on the bones that are around the eye. This kind of surgery is also known as orbital craniofacial surgery. The facial repair as well as repair of the skull is done by a maxillo-facial and oral surgeon. The face as well as parts of the skull needs to be repaired in case one has suffered from an accident due to which the facial bones could be crushed, fractured or broken. This can happen if one has been involved in a car accident or they have suffered a blunt force to the face. The maxillo-facial and oral surgeon will study each case and decide on the kind of procedure to be followed for every case.

Every case of reconstruction surgery is different. Often reconstruction of the facial bones is required when one has undergone cancer surgery due to which cancerous bones of the face were removed. In most cases the reconstruction procedure involves transplanting bone grafts, which are taken from different parts of the body. The bones that are operated upon are usually held in place with plates, pins or other tools. This helps to accelerate the healing process. These are some ways a maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria would operate.

You would probably refer to a maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria for different instances. One might need their cleft lip repaired, which is usually a result of a birth defect in the palate, the bone, which forms the top arch of the mouth region. As a result, these bones fail to fuse properly. This birth defect can be addressed by craniofacial reconstructive surgery. There can be other kinds of birth defects found in children or adults suffering from Down syndrome, Crouzon syndrome, Treacher Collins syndrome and others. In all these cases there is some form of deformity found in the skull or facial region. With the modern facial and skull reconstruction procedures one can get all such defects rectified and look forward to a normal appearance during the rest of one’s life.

One can seek consultation with a specialist surgeon in order to understand the kind of reconstruction they can have for their cranio facial region and the costs that such procedures will entail.


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