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Common Pitfalls Pertaining To Home Extensions That Should Be Avoided

- Creating a home extension might evoke feelings of joy but have you realized that this joy might well be short-lived if your service provider has acted without thinking, care or caution? One of the most common errors that home extensions Cwmbran service providers are capable of committing pertain to not being mindful of the foundation of the building. Often in cases when the foundation is not in direct alignment with the walls of the building, builders hired for conducting garage and loft conversions Cwmbran excavate at the wrong position only to realize their error at a later stage.

Damping is another issue that needs to be borne in mind while going in for home extensions Cwmbran and to this effect, it is the duty of the contractor to ensure that the walls of the extension are sufficiently protected against dampness during the process itself. Ignoring this step could lead to bigger problems because new walls are particularly susceptible to moisture which in turn could lead to wet patches and fungal growth. Likewise, drainage also needs to be determined earlier on so that rainwater flowing off the main roof does not collect on the roof of the extension but follows a proper channel.

When you opt for a home extension, the least you would want is that it should merge well with your existing property internally as also outwardly. However, there are times when garage and loft conversions Cwmbran service providers simply miss out on the symmetry aspect and end up creating an extension which is totally incompatible. An error noticed particularly in case of garage pertains to the height of the doorway. Substandard workmanship in this regard leads to low setting of the frame which covers the threshold and reduces the height of the door from what it should have been.
Floor forms an important part of the home and service providers performing home extensions Cwmbran goof up either by varying the height of the floor or embedding pipes and cables in it. Having a home extension which is an inch higher or lower than the rest of your house is not just embarrassing but also dangerous since it is likely to cause accidents if someone is walking around in the dark. Equally bad is the idea of copper pipes being embedded in the cement as they would be subject to corrosion or electric wires running without any insulation wherein they could charge the floor, thus rendering it extremely risky.
Insulation is an aspect which you must be wary of while opting for garage and loft conversions Cwmbran and you must discuss this point with your service provider during the first meeting itself. Being a legal requirement, presence of insulation is a must in every building and it is your responsibility as the home owner to ensure that the service provider is cognizant enough to cater for it. Encroachment can prove to be another nightmare – imagine if you discover one day that the garage that you recently got constructed had pipes or external features jutting out into your neighbor’s property. In order to avoid legal harassment, you and your service provider need to be aware of the outer limits of extension and adhere to it.


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