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What Is A CCTV Pipeline Inspection? Is It Beneficial?

CCTV pipeline inspection has evolved as the most cost-effective technology to inspect sewers and drain lines. CCTV pipe inspection or CCTV drain inspection is a quick and accurate method to identify pipeline problems and prevent instances which may result in higher plumbing expenses.
The highly sophisticated CCTV inspection technology uses camera units and equipments with specialized software to get a complete report what is going on inside the drain/sewer lines.

How is CCTV camera for pipelines operated?

Firstly the blockage, if any at the mouth of the pipeline is cleared. The CCTV camera is sent down the pipeline to have a look inside the sewer lines. The exact location and cause of blockage are identified as the camera will show the faulty areas that may be blocked due to roots, debris or broken pipes. The camera sends the data to the computer that is connected to it and the operator/plumber can easily get all the relevant data to provide the best plumbing solution.

Types of CCTV Equipment

360 degree Panorama CCTV drain survey: this type of 3D camera gives a complete view of the pipeline. This type of camera records the images when passing through the drain pipes by scanning the entire region and stores the data which can be referenced anytime by the operator.

LISY Lateral Launch System : survey for laterals by CCTV is especially developed to survey sewer lines. This is a cost-effective CCTV pipeline inspection method that surveys laterals directly from the main drain line up to 100 meters.

CCTV pipeline inspection with laser profiling: when precise data about the shape of the sewer is needed laser profiling is implemented. The profile fits into the internal surface of the pipe and works by projecting a laser ring. Conditions such as pipe size, erosion, crust formation, grease, debris, holes, pipeline damages and lateral protrusion can be identified with accuracy.

Where can CCTV inspection be done?

The CCTV pipe inspection technology is used to clean and repair pipes ranging from 4" to 24". The CCTV drain inspection is used to determine cracks in the pipeline, which cause leaks in the sewage water. It can also identify collapsed drains and blockages that pose a health hazard.
Advantages of CCTV camera drain inspection

• A CCTV camera pinpoints the exact location of the blockage or leakage in the pipeline
• It helps the operator to identify the exact depth of the leakage, which assists the plumber to sort out the problem effectively
• A CCTV survey gives an accurate layout of the pipelines to carry out precise repairs or replacements
• This accurate information prevents unnecessary tilling and digging thereby saving the landscape and the cost
• The CCTV pipeline inspection identifies minor faults, which can be easily treated before they become major issues
• Conducting a CCTV drain inspection before buying a property is beneficial so as to save plumbing costs that may include repairs in the near future

A CCTV pipe inspection has proved to be beneficial due to its accuracy as it helps to save overhead expenses and identify the pipeline or drain issue way before it becomes a hazard and forces one to incur huge costs.


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