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Comfortable Recovery from Implant Surgery

Getting dental implants is one of the most important decisions that one can make to improve the smile. The implants not only make the appearance of the smile more attractive, these titanium tooth roots also restore the healthy function of the smile. Together with the corresponding teeth restorations such as dental crowns or a dental bridge, implants offer ideal solutions for missing teeth problems, bringing back the healthy form and function of the smile.

The implants are placed onto the jawbone using a surgical procedure. The gums are lifted away to expose the jawbone, and the artificial tooth roots are placed directly into the bone to integrate with the surrounding tissue. The implants are given a few months to heal before they can be attached to dental crowns or a fixed dental bridge. As with any surgical procedure, a recovery period is necessary to give the patient sufficient time to get well before undertaking normal physical activities. There are some tips that patients can follow to make the recovery process more comfortable, and much quicker.

The most important thing to do when recovering from an implant placement surgery is to take thing easy, and just relax. The recovery period is the time to get plenty of rest; lying down can help speed up the recovery process, and may help a patient in dealing with the pain and discomfort. All stressful activities and thoughts should be left alone, at least while recovering from the implant placement. Relaxing will also helps manage the bleeding. Patients should avoid physically taxing activities such as lifting of heavy items, or running, as these may start the bleeding in the surgical area once more. The bleeding can be managed by pressing a clean gauze pad into the surgical area and maintaining the firm pressure until the bleeding stops.

Good oral hygiene habits will need to be followed even after surgery to ensure that the teeth, gums, and the implant site stay free from infections & harmful bacteria. The mouth can be cleaned by gently swirling water around; gargling vigorously should be avoided because this can harm the surgical site. Tooth brushing can be done gently, while avoiding the area where the implant was recently placed. Staying nourished is important to boost the body’s strength and natural healing ability, and this can be done even if regular food items cannot be consumed. It is advisable to stick to liquids and soft food items, such as soup, to avoid harming the implant surgery area.

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