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Smart Tips For an Enjoyable and Convenient Nami Island Tour

About Nami Island
Situated just 63 kilometers away from the capital city, Seoul, Nami Island is famous for its awe-inspiring Korean pine tree lands and the most popular shooting locations for Korean drama. As it’s just an hour away from Seoul city, hence it’s well-worth for a visit during your travel in Korea.

Nami Island is one of the most visited places throughout South Korea. However, this place is quite famous in South Korea and many visitors often ask how can they reach the place. In short, Nami Island or Naminara Republic is an imaginary country. Besides, the beautiful tree lanes and breathtaking views across the island are something that you should look forward to. To maximize your experiences and enjoyable moments when you are in Korea, here are some important tips for those who want to make their way to Nami Island:

Convenient Direction To Reach Nami Island
Just like there are hundreds of ways to cook fish, there is an availability of several road directions to reach Nami Island. For travelling through the public transportation, you can either take a subway or a bus. It will be better to take the subway for your convenience. It’s due to the fact it’s quite reasonable and you will have your total control over your time.

Buy Tickets For a Ferry Ride
Don’t make the same mistake like other visitors who have visited Nami Island. In order to reach the island, you will find a fairy waiting for the transportation. This can help you get there conveniently, but you need to stand in a long line (In spring and autumn, there’re a lot of people standing) before getting into the ferry. Hence, you need to wait for your turn.

Hire a Bike
Nami Island is about 462,809 miles and it’s even good to walk around. But it’s highly recommended to hire a bike. During your Nami Island tour, it will be more convenient than a bus transportation. And even you can roam around the entire area, if you are out of time. When it comes to bikes, you can choose a single bike, couple bike or even a family bike. Do you have a baby? If yes, then you can hire a stroller for them.

Hire a Locker Space
When travelling to Nami Island, you should have a locker space, as there’s no need to take the accessories like bags other unnecessary things with you throughout your tour. With a specialized locker space, you can freely enjoy your time while journeying Nami Island. Usually, the lockers are in the entrance area, so that you can easily see them.

Bring Some Cash For Food and Rental Costs
Nami Island accommodates a wide array of coffee shops and restaurants. It’s obvious that you will feel hungry along the way. So cash will be needed to buy some ice cream or coffee or if you want to enjoy dining in the restaurants across the island area.

At the end, tours to Nami Island with just an important thing in mind, to have more fun and excitement. It’s a destination, that will offer you an opportunity to communicate with nature and appreciate the scenic setting. When you are travelling in Nami Island, you will feel that you are visiting another country, another world and another life in the island. It’s the heaven created only for the visitors to enjoy and to relax.

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