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Why Did Han Solo Have to Die in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoiler Alert) - My Review and More.

Deep in the third act of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” one of the biggest events in the history of the saga happens. It’s not when the good guys win, a main character accepts their destiny, or BB-8 doesn’t something adorable. No, there’s a death. The death of one of the most recognizable characters not just in the series, but in the entire world. So let’s talk about this moment, and whether it should have (or shouldn’t have) happened.

No, in my opinion, they should not have killed Han Solo. I really enjoyed his character in the movie and felt his role was very significant in the movie. Harrison Ford still looks amazing for an actor who is 73. The same cannot be said about Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill who reported had to lose 50 pounds to reprise his role as Luke Skywaker. General Leia played by Carrie Fisher looked and sounded like a different person. Granted the years of aging has not been kind to Fisher ... she looked unnatural in her role. She also had the "drunk" voice probably due to her documented years of alcohol abuse.

The issue I had most was the anticipation of seeing Luke Skywaker and only did we see him at the end ... it was very disappointing. I was hoping too see Luke appear and help the Rebel ... well that never happened.

Overall all I would give the move a 7/10. It was entertaining but was not over the top. I felt the new comers to the movie, Rey played by Daisy Ridley and Fin played by John Boyega were excellent. The character Rey carried the movie... however the fact that she picked up the Light Saber without training and was able to fight was a bit far fetch ... that's Hollywood for you.

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