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How to Maximize What You Learn From Guitar Lessons

Taking just guitar classes is not sufficient to accelerate your development as a guitar player. After learning new skills from the teacher, you also require time on your own or with fellow guitar student to practice the guitar skills you just learned.

Your guitar lessons should come in hand with a systematic and regular practice if you are determined to hone the guitar. Practicing the skills you just learned also makes learning more exciting. For an efficient guitar practice, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Practice regularly

In most cases, guitar students have the mindset after they have learnt from their guitar lessons; they don’t need to fix a schedule to practice their guitar playing anymore. Furthermore, there may be various important things they need to attend to such as your work and family. But if you are really determined to hone the guitar, you will be able to handle the time and get schedule for your practice.

You don’t need to set one whole day to hone the new skills you have learned from the guitar lesson Singapore. An hour is sufficient to assist you retain the lessons and enhance your skills up one level. You may even divide the one hour practice to two or three mini practices throughout the day. That is, if it is not possible for you to practice for straight one hour. A short yet regular practice of your guitar skill is better than the longer but isolated ones.

Diversify your practice

If you want to make your practice more exhilarating, you may also search for new materials other than the ones offered during your guitar class. For example, if you have just learned to strum the chords or the skill, try to get a difficult song that you can practice with and challenge yourself every time.

Every time you are learning something new, you should try to spice it up it by experimenting on your own. When you have just learned playing a new chord, try different methods in fretting and picking. You may also experiment with your timing and see if you can diversify the sounds.

Record the sound

To check whether you are developing or not, you may like to record your performance. You don’t need to record the entire practice, but just document a single performance instead. Ask how to do this from the guitar mentor. If you are learning a new song for example, you should practice the proper strumming of the chords. After trying a few times, get an audio recorder or a video camera and the performance of the document. If you can’t perform the whole song yet, doing some chords you just learned is enough to determine how you sound. Listen to the performance after recording and note the mistakes and anything else that require developments.

If you are not confident in analyzing yourself, you may ask from guitar mentor or other adept guitar players to listen and comment on how you play. You will notice that ultimately, when you have gained your confidence in guitar playing, you also learn how to improvise. As a student, you also have to remember that you don’t attend guitar lessons just to copy and play the popular songs. You should learn to develop your own style in guitar playing.

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