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Effective tips for Managed SSD VPS Hosting

Is your website slow? Is this the main reason why you are losing business? It's time to do something. Let us first introspect the problem and get to the real reason for the problem. Your website performance has not increased even after upgrading all the resources you can do. You are yet failing in improving your website's performance because the problem is not the “size” but the “quality” of the resources.

Most of the dedicated servers running on your website use Hard disk drives(HDD). The HDDs are unable to cope up with the heavy activities and web traffic your website is generating. This is the time for you to switch to Solid State Drive(SSD). SSD VPS hosting will take your visitor's experience to an altogether different level. SSD has given a new definition to the dynamics of power, size and performance. The response time which your website can achieve with SSD is something which is impossible with HDD.

What are Solid State Drives?

Simply stated, Solid State Drives are the next generation of storage technology. A dedicated SSD VPS hosting will lead your website to enhance visitor's experience. Let us try to understand how SSD VPS hosting works for the betterment of your website.

Whenever a visitor visits your website, the information that he is looking for is either stored in HDD or SSD. HDDs uses rotating magnetic disks for storing the data. It uses a “head” which moves from outside to inside by a slider whenever any data is to be retrieved. Since the head takes time to move from one location to the other, this mechanism of retrieving data by HDD leads to delay in response time of your website.

On the other hand, SSDs are flash storage devices which are not dependent on any moving parts. As the name itself suggest(solid-state), it uses non-volatile storage technology. This technology has made SSD as much as 100 times faster than HDD. The absence of any mechanical movement while retrieving data in SSD has increased the response time of your website.

Solid State Drive VPS Hosting is beneficial to you in many ways, such as:

1. Speed: The fast retrieval of data is possible through SSDs. The response time of your website increases and it enhances the visitor's experience.

2. Safety: The chances of losing your valuable data while using SDD VPS hosting is rare unlike HDD. Since SSDs have no moving parts, wear and tear has been reduced to an all time low.

3. Cost: The use of SSD VPS hosting has reduced the power consumption considerably. Also it reduces the heat generation and secures your device from over-heating.

4. Storage: SSDs are available in compact sizes, making it easier for storing and carrying. The availability in small shape and size unlike HDDs sets SDDs apart.

5. Durability: As stated above, SDDs are without any mechanical or moving parts which makes them durable. SSDs are more tangible and lasts long without much wear and tear.

In short you can say that SSD VPS hosting leads to faster and immediate access of the stored data. The reduced response time of your website will generate more happy visitors, thus high conversion rate. High conversion rate will automatically lead to more business for you. To conclude, if you have decided to give your visitors an all new experience then SSD VPS hosting is the thing for you. There are several website hosting service providers present like Dream Host, Host Metro, YourSmartHost, Big Rock, etc. You can select the one which best suits your need. Selecting the right SSD VPS website hosting will be the most important thing for your business. SDDs sure are the future, and it will not be a good idea to miss their utility in your business. You should turn your website into visitor's delight with SSD VPS Hosting.

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