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The Demand and Growth in Granite Export

Since thousand years, Granite is known as one of the most popular building or construction material. According to geologists, originally this popular building stone is igneous rock which is made of crystals having a coarse-grained texture. Apart from the actual classification given by geologists, any feldspar bearing rock which has large interlocking crystals can be termed as Granite. The stones named as gneiss, syenite, gabbro, monzonite, anorthosite etc. Are also bought and sold under the same trade name.

This particular stone has various interior and exterior applications in constructions of any house/office/monument etc. It is an essential construction entity used in buildings, paving, bridges, floors, stairs etc. Granite Countertops are extensively used in large number of kitchens for installation of solid slabs with custom shapes and smooth edge finishing. Along with kitchens, it is also used in making sinks, backsplash, and elevated counters. As a building stone it carries rough and finished side appearance which gives a refined appearance for constructions of window sills and roofline levels. Granite tiles carry an elegant luster used for making bathrooms/offices/schools/colleges/shopping malls etc.
Granite paving stone comes in various colors and are extensively used for paving city streets. Granite facing stone is used in two common ways, first as a structural element and second, to make a veneer or decorative facings. Granite is used as a memorial stone that makes durable grave marker. It is also used for street curbing as it has higher durability as compared to concrete. Azurite is one of the beautiful Gemstone which is actually a form of this wonder igneous rock. Granite is also used for making beautiful monuments for which Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota is an eminent example.

The wide application and positive features of Granite have generated a huge demand of it across the world. Hence, a big network of clientele for Granite export and import is created across the world. Granite trading essentially requires a good infrastructure with advanced equipments for cutting, shaping, polishing, finishing, packaging etc. The quality and service delivered to the client across the Globe helps in creating a brand name and recognition for any Granite exporter. This also requires large factories installed with hi-tech machineries for large scale production, customization in fabrication as per customer's choice and most importantly production in time. The exporters need to keep all the parameters of international standards under an important consideration.

During the pre-shipment inspection, the export goods undergo consignment-wise inspection, and inspection of in-process quality control along with its self-certification. Accordingly while clearing and forwarding of the export goods, appropriate packaging, making and proper labeling on the consignment is done. In exporting the stone, there are various documentation process, port formalities and custom clearance. With the help of all documents again a physical examination of the export good is done by the dock Appraiser. After the goods are dispatched a second set of documentation process is undertaken which includes Bill of landing, Certificate of Origin etc which is to be submitted to the bank and also helps in calming the export incentives.

The above information makes it very clear about its quality that is being exported which is as important as the process of documentation. It is always wise to work with the old, reputed and experienced Granite Exporter who would help in a smooth delivery of the goods.

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