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Surviving The Real Jungle Life Ventures In The Borneo Forest

The survival is always indicates the life of the jungle, where you protect and joins the life of the nature without any connection to the remote city life. The best among the decision of survival is in the Borneo rainforest which includes the various thrilling activities and skills to remain safe in the life of the jungle. The survival of the jungle life makes a part with the lifestyle of the tribal people in the local rainforest namely the Penans, who is the most ancient and skilled survivors in the Borneo rainforest. The Jungle Survival of the Borneo rainforest held for the two weeks, where the people above the age of 18 are capable to make a part in the survival of the jungle life. The survival includes some life protection activities and challenging trekking which involves the protection from the wild animals and the poisonous reptiles in the tropical rainforest. The survival activities are happening in the Sarawak highlands, which practice the work of jungle skills and the tradition of the ancestral tribes of the Borneo rainforest. The survivors need to spend the survival activities with the some of the animals like orangutans, leopards and with the Pygmy Elephants.

In the two weeks of survival skills to the survivors, makes learning of the protection from the wild animals and the training packages to make the best effort in the survival activities. Before the working of the two week survival programs includes the training session that makes the survivors to learn the basic surviving activities for the protection in the jungle life. The training of the Jungle Survival involves the activities like Safe use of the Parang, Jungle cooking, wildlife tracking, navigation of the forest, fishing activities using nets, funnels and traps, water procurement and purification, jungle fires and the making of the utensils in the forest using the bamboo. The survival activities make the tourist understand the life of the ancestors and tribal peoples in the Borneo rainforest with the spirit of the ancient living of the jungle survival.
The major impact in the survival of the jungle in the Borneo rainforest involves the rescue from the dangerous wild animals. The some of the animals in the Borneo rainforest are orangutans, Pygmy Elephants, leopards, flying squirrels, and some poisonous reptiles in the lands of the Borneo. The some of the wild animals in the Borneo rainforest reaches the norm of critical stage, where the some of the animals in the rainforest are under the serious threat. The some of the animals reach the critical stage because of the destruction in the rainforest leads them to make the hard survive in the food and shelter. The survival activities in the Borneo rainforest held for two weeks, where the first week of the survival involves the basic trekking and the survival of the jungle life. While at the second week of the jungle survival in the Borneo rainforest involves the various activities of the tribal people of Penans helps to make a survival and hunting in the rainforest.

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