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Everything We Need To Know About Co2 Microjet Cleaners

Using carbon dioxide to remove tiny particles and hydrocarbon waste from surfaces, the CO2 MicroJet cleaner is a highly efficient contaminant removal tool. This revolutionary cleaning method is non-abrasive, non-destructive and residue free. There is no chemical waste. Successfully and thoroughly cleaning metals, ceramics, glass and polymer surfaces, this amazing tool is also useful in art restoration projects and for cleaning telescopes.

Superior Surface Cleaning

Since the CO2 MicroJet cleaner leaves no residue and does no damage, there are several configurations allowing adaptation to critical and non-critical applications in vacuum technologies, optics, automotive, semiconductor, disk drive and research communities. Based on the expansion of gaseous or liquid CO2 through an opening and the nucleation of tiny dry ice particles, a high velocity gas carrier stream is produced that removes particles by momentum transfer. The tiniest of hydrocarbons are blown away.

The Speed of a CO2 MicroJet cleaner by Wide Nozzle

The Wide Bar type Nozzle of the CO2 MicroJet cleaner is one of the main reasons why this method is now being used extensively for superior surface cleaning. The liquid or gaseous CO2 expands and forms the Micro sized snow that is then accelerated using a compressed air jacketed jet. The high velocity snow from wide bar type nozzle drives innumerable tiny particles off the surface during one time scan at high speed.

Safety in the Process

Compared to cleaning with sand blasting or toxic solvents, cleaning surfaces with a CO2 MicroJet cleaner is a less destructive and much safer method for the removal of surface contaminants. It is also important to ensure safety by following a systematic approach and checking all fittings are tight before using this kind of cleaner. While setup and operation are quite straightforward, basic safety measures before, during and after cleaning need to be followed.

A Small Footprint

Built with accessibility in mind, CO2 MicroJet cleaners are compact and occupy only a small footprint. The versatility and range available for diverse applications is highlighted by their generally small and durable design. The two main types are snow / super snow cleaners and pellet cleaners. Each are powerful cleaning tools recognized for their individual strengths.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

Providing the highest level of economy, the CO2 MicroJet cleaner is also firmly eco-friendly. There are no damage to parts being cleaned, low disposal costs, and using this type of cleaner eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals of any kind. All incidental costs are lower. The pressurized CO2 used in the cleaning process originates from our atmosphere or as a byproduct of industrial processes. Given our current global concerns about environmental impact, this is a breakthrough in eco-friendly sourcing.

Diverse Applications

Advances in technology that lead to innovations like the CO2 MicroJet cleaner promote stricter controls in the use of chemical cleaning solvents and represent a significant change in the way we manufacture products. Incorporating this cleaning technology is possible through a diverse range of industrial applications. Proving that innovation changes the world, their CO2 and laser cleaning technologies are certainly reducing negative impacts globally.


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