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Four Reasons to Visit Seoul on Your Next Vacation

After spending one year in Seoul, I have the courage to say that this city is out of the world. With a populace of more than twenty five million, Seoul is a dynamic, economic powerhouse. Home to many of the globe’s biggest companies, this city hardly sleeps.

However, the town is much more than its tech-fanatical economy. Korean folks are very friendly, and are usually welcoming to outsiders. Their society is originated from Confucian ethics, which stress the significance of respect for others.

But why visit Seoul ahead of all other cities? You may be more fascinated in exploring other destinations around Asia, and South Korea mightn’t be on your radar. Well, after reading the reasons I have explained in this article, you will change your mind for sure.

Foods You Will Die For:

If you are one of those people who love spicy foods, then you have landed at the right destination. Korean BBQ, the town’s famous cuisine, entails grilling fresh slices of pork or beef tableside. Innumerable parts of side dishes – including fresh vegetables, soups and peppery sauces are served at the table. Seoul’s conventional food markets, Namdaemun and Gwangjang, showcase fresh selected vegetables that are employed in Korean foods. Garlic, cabbage, potato, cucumber, chilli peppers, mushrooms and zucchini can all be found at the local food markets. Foods are the main Seoul attractions, there is no doubt about that.

Unique Culture:

Korean people live by a principle “work hard, play hard" state of mind. Whether they make their earnings as businessmen or simple workers, Koreans put their 100 percent to get success. Respect is deeply embedded into Korean community, particularly when somebody communicates with an elder or somebody they don’t know. For instance, Koreans will often give an appropriate bow while greeting, and they always employ 2 hands when receiving or giving something as a symbol of politeness.

Vibrant Nightlife:

Seoul’s nightlife seems like a non-stop party, and consuming alcohol is a regular social event amongst friends. A lot of people drink local rice known as Soju, which’s usually served in a green glass. It is similar to “sake” of Japan.

Whether you love to hang around and enjoy a glass of beer with some buddies, or dance at a pub, Seoul has everything for you. You can even head towards Gangnam, Hongdae and Itaewon to experience some after-hours amusement – almost nothing closes until the morning.


Seoul isn’t as costly as other destinations in Asia, hence many backpackers & budget conscious tourists make their stop here.

Food, in particular, is extremely affordable in Seoul. Street sellers, which are available all through the town are the cheapest choice. You can avail mandu (Korean dumplings), fried chicken, ddeokbogi ( Korean spicy rice cakes) and other well-known Korean foodstuffs for less than $3 USD. A conventional Korean BBQ banquet will cost you no more than $12 USD.

Accommodation in Seoul is also quite reasonable. Hotels provide rooms for less than $10 USD per night. However, if you want to experience the Korean culture in the best possible manner, then think about staying at a jjimchilbang (a Korean spa). For just $7 USD per night, you will have the chance to experience Korean culture first-hand.

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