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Wedding Décor An Important Aspect for a Perfect Wedding

Decorations play a significant role in any wedding. A fascinating décor can convert a normal wedding into a prodigal one, making it a larger than life affair. Indian weddings are known for their vibrant and rich culture, and hence the décor should reflect the grandeur of the ceremony. A perfect décor can give a fairy-tale touch to the event, thereby making it an evening to remember. However, before making a final decision, one needs to look at various aspects, in an order to make it the talk of the town. As innovation leads to perfection, always try to plan your wedding décor with creative ideas, keeping a track of the latest trends to give it a look you desire. We have tried to list out a few aspects that need attention to make your wedding venue mesmerising and enthralling. Read on.


Flowers always find a place in the list of decorating items, when it comes to Indian wedding décor. Use of flowers has been a popular trend in Indian marriages since ages. They are extensively used, as they are believed to spread a cheery vibe in the entire surrounding, making it more pleasant. All the flowers have different characteristics and are used accordingly. While roses are regarded as classics, tulips refresh the environment with its aroma and lilacs give it an elegant touch. All the flowers should be used in synchronisation with other aspects like the stage décor, wedding theme, colour of the ambience etc. Artificial flowers combined with the real ones can be used strategically to give the venue an elegant look. Ask your florist to give a preview before the Big Day and try to impose your own ideas to make it look classy and beautiful.


Without proper lights, wedding décor cannot be completed. While lighting up the venue, one needs to take care of the theme of the wedding. Going by the latest trends, candles and lanterns are becoming very popular in Indian weddings. Use of these two elements to light up the wedding venue gives a stunning and elegant look. Apart from these, there are many other ways to light up the place to make it beautiful. Even electric bulbs are being used these days as a part of the wedding décor, giving it a unique look. Lightings should be arranged in a way to cover up the empty spaces to give the venue breath-taking view.


To mark the colourful Indian culture, multi coloured fabrics draped together can be used to create a flamboyant effect. It not only signifies the vibrant Indian wedding, but also gives a sophisticated look to the entire arrangement. Proper use of colours would surely make the venue a view to watch, thereby creating a lasting impact on the attendees. However, you need to be sure of the quality of the fabric, as a cheap quality one might rip apart all your effort.


The mix and match of colours needs to be infallible, as a poor coordination may ruin the entire arrangement. Core areas of décor like, entrance, stage, seating area, lounge, food counter etc. needs to be well coordinated with the linen colour. It needs to be taken into consideration, while planning the wedding décor. It’s a cherry on the top, if the couple’s outfit’s colour matches with the colour theme of the venue.


While planning the seating arrangement, care should be taken in providing ample seats for your guests. Also, the seating arrangement needs to be plush and stylish. While dressing up the banquet chairs, make sure that you are doing it with nice linen, which is not damaged or torn. You can use different other elements like sash, ribbons, flowers or crystals to make the arrangement more trendy. Even badges and fringes can be used, which will give the entire venue a unique look.


Indian weddings are known for using vibrant colours. Rangolis, a piece of colourful artwork, in several traditions is a custom that signifies the use of colour in an Indian wedding. Apart from that, colours can be used in several other elements used for wedding. From floral balls to linens, colours can be used to make the wedding venue look wonderful and vibrant. The recent vogue indicates that pastel and soft colours are really in for wedding décor. You can try using different shades of the same colour to give the wedding venue a splendid look. Ensuring that the colour is the same for all, ranging from invitation cards to fabrics can depict a perfect example of a grand Indian wedding.


The central point is usually the centre of attraction in a wedding venue. Although floral and crystal is the regular choice, yet people today prefer to use other fancy items to catch the eye. Innovative homemade showpieces are in high demand, as the latest trend of using recycled products is on a rise. Even edible items like trendy chocolate candles or toys or fresh fruits can look great if placed in a proper way. Just like they say, “Innovation begins where convention ends”, this kind of arrangement would definitely catch attention of the attendees by giving it a superb look.


Food presentation is an art, and if exuded with perfection, it can make wonders. It is of utmost importance to take care of the food layout, in order to maintain the standard of the wedding décor. Having a live counter can add up to the elegance of the décor. But, make sure the chef is presentable enough and uses techniques creatively. This way your guest will get more involved and the wedding will become a topic of discussion even after a decade.


Last but not the least; music plays an important part in an Indian wedding. Without music an Indian wedding is incomplete. Apart from the traditional musical ceremony that takes place in Indian weddings, music is being played to entertain the guests. You can either have live music or a DJ to perform on the wedding day, thus making it an extravagant affair. Moreover, celebrations are half enjoyed if there is no music and dance.

With all these aspects in place, your wedding is going to be a celebrated occasion for many more years to come. Make sure that everything in its place, so that nothing ruins your plans of making your big day a grand affair.


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