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Wildlife Infrastructure Of The Borneo Island

If you are the born traveler and need to excite about the world finest wildlife animals and birds, then the Borneo Island is the best place to choose for. The infrastructure of the Borneo Island is lying directly in the line of the equator, and it includes the one of the largest river form the Indonesia called the Kapuas. The Borneo Island is broadly located in the border of the countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. It is famous in the world for its Borneo Bird Watching events, where based on this Malaysian country celebrates the Bird festival every year to improve the tourist attractions from all over the world. The Borneo is considered as the third largest Island in the world, which is located near to the northern part of the Australia. Among 73% of the Borneo Island is located in the Indonesian country and it is the most important country to hold the various diversities of the Borneo Island. The part of the Borneo Island in the Malaysian country has the famous states of the Borneo Islands such as the Sabah and the Sarawak. The Malaysian country occupies 26% of the place of the Borneo Island. The city of the Sabah is famous for the birds and the wild animals, and it is the best wildlife attractions of Borneo Wildlife Tours. The Brunei country only 1% of the Borneo Island, but it has the famous rainforest from the Borneo. The rainforest in the Brunei country is one of the famous rainforest of the world which is compared to the Amazon rainforest from the Brazil.

At Ancient times, the Borneo Island is used as the trading route for the Chinese and Japanese traders make a business in the countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and in the Brunei. The some of the trade business happens in that period are gold, ivory, shells and some of the wooden items from the various countries. But at the present time, the Borneo Island is the natural habitat for the 20 million people in those countries. The most of the places of the Borneo Island are remain the unpreserved places, which act as a natural habitat for the many birds and the animals. The cave in the Borneo Island called as the Gormantang which has the popular nest for the living animals like Swiftlets. The Borneo rainforest is called as the Amazon of the Asian continent which is mostly comparable to the space of the Amazon rainforest from the country Brazil. The Borneo is the world’s less conservation of the human preservations like mining, industrial and the logging activities. It is the home for thousands of birds and animals. It also includes some of the rare species in the world that is only seen in the rainforest of the Borneo Island. Hence the Borneo is famous for the world finest Borneo Bird Watching events.

The some of the wildlife animals that has the natural habitat in the Borneo rainforests are Leopard cats, specific Orangutans, marbled cats, Bearcats, flying squirrels, pygmy elephants, Borneon gibbon, and the rare species of maroon Langur and clouded leopard. Hence the Borneo forest is proudly called as Borneo Wildlife Tours.

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