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Rich and Smooth Essence of Hawaii with the Experience of Kona Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Then Kona Coffee is among those in the essence of which you can just mesmerize yourself. It is counted among the most expensive coffee around the world. It is due to its cultivation process, it is cultivated in a specific atmosphere and weather circumstance.

Pure Kona Coffee is special due to its caffeine treat that the coffee lovers love to have and the aroma of it depends on the roasting process of it. The roasting process can give it a fruity or floral or nutty or chocolaty flavor which can enthrall your mind, body and world. It is produced on the west of big Hawaiian Island, on the slopes of Kona district.

Hawaiian Island: The Island of Kona Coffee

This district has a very special atmosphere with warm sunny morning, afternoon is mostly packed with the rain or the presence of cloud in the sky make the day cooler from the morning and the night is completed with a soft wind. The wind that flows in night is very good for the growth of the coffee as it contains a huge amount of minerals from the nearby volcanoes.

The aroma of Kona Coffee can never be matched with any other coffee. The strong flavor can energize you with and your buds, once you come across this taste it will be difficult for you to turn back to any other flavor. It gets its essence from the roots, which are enriched with the volcanic ashes present in the soil of Hawaii which makes it rich with vitamins and minerals.

Process and Authentication of the Beans

The cultivation can be seen on a big platform but the farms are miniature and restricted to the slopes of the Kona. The mild breeze is from the Pacific Ocean which is salty as well as fresh and is very good for the environment of the coffee production. This business is authenticated and owned by the old Hawaiian families from ages and it has brought name and fame to them because of their dedication in the growing of the Kona coffee.While harvesting they are green, then dried under sun depending on the moisture they need.

The rich coffee beans are been grown since the 18th Century and have still maintained its essence and aroma. Moreover, you can also get variety in taste not much variety because we know that, “good things come in small packages.” Hereby, you can get two different varieties of Hawaiian Kona coffee. The variation of taste and style can be seen as the bean size differs, the purity and the amount of moisture the coffee beans contains are the points to be considered. They are typically considered as type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is yielded from red berries with two beans with inside flat and other side rounded. Again, Type 2 is solo beans found in the red berry which are beautifully pea shaped, and also called as pea berries and is rarest.

These special beans are available for purchase in the Aloha State among the authentic Kona distributors. And if you want to have online then also you can have many options, but go with the one you who are the best so that you do not get cheated. With the taste of this coffee give your day a better start or make your evening enchanting. The unique blend of this coffee can make you visit the place for sure.


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