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Physical Barriers Don't Stop Termite Attacks

You are in a nice new home or you've had a new extentsion fitted. Modern fittings, a fresh coat of paint, the place is looking grand. With the physical protection in place you'll never need to worry about termites, right?
Not true. Have a good look at the photos associated with this article.
Physical termite barriers dont stop termites. In fact, they arent even designed to stop termites. A physical barrier, when installed correctly, is made to prevent concealed termite access. There is nothing stopping the termites from building a mud tube and circumventing it entirely. Sometimes this is what happens, as evidenced by these photos.
Secondly, physical barriers are only as good as the design and the installer. During the construction phase issues may arise that call for a change of plan. These design changes can compromise the protection, through no fault of the installation. Dont forget that the termite work is one of the first things thats gets done with any new building work. This means that modifications to the design often happen after the system is already in place and without thought as to whether the changes may bridge the protection.
Post termite system building work (planned or not) can also sometimes compromise a physical barrier.
If the installer was in a hurry or if something gets missed, you can bet that the termites will find it. They are real advocates of Murphy's law.
Finally, houses with physical termite protection still require regular termite inspections. At least annual inspections by a licensed timber pest technician as well as monthly checks by you, the homeowner. If the termites build a big visible mud tube and get around the protection then essentially the termite barrier has done its job by forcing them to announce themselves. It is up to you to report to the company who did the installation to get the problem treated.
Termites are vulnerable to dessication and must take risks to build a bridging tube. In many respects this natural deterent will discourage attack. But they can, AND DO still happen.
Contact our office to organise inspection today! Our inspectors will be more than happy to explain how your particular system works and what you can do to prevent your new house or extention from getting ruined.
Termite Solutions the best Termite Treatment providers in Brisbane.Physical termite barriers are designed to protect the foundation of a structure. While nonchemically-treated physical termite barriers will not kill termites in the soil near your home, they should inhibit termites from gaining access to your home. However, physical termite barriers are often not 100 percent effective, as termites can breach these preventative systems. Contact Termite Solutions for thorough home inspections in Brisbane by our highly trained inspectors because a Regular termite inspections not only give you peace of mind, but protect your home from undetected termite damage.


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