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Teeth whitening to the most beautiful smile

Teeth whitening Mississauga is a procedure in which various discolorations are removed from the tooth surface, and the color of the tooth becomes whiter. Whitening is among the most popular procedure in dentistry and it can significantly improve the appearance. Teeth whitening, indicated by a dentist, that is done at home with preparations of reputable manufacturers, and under the constant supervision of qualified persons within relatively short duration is absolutely safe and effective way of teeth whitening.
• The technique of teeth whitening in the dental office with a laser
This technique involves the application of a bleaching gel on the teeth in the dental office while using bleaching with the high concentrations in strictly controlled conditions, with the protection of soft tissues and activation of gel with a laser beam. The procedure is short and painless.
• The technique of controlled home teeth whitening (home bleaching)
This is a procedure in which after taking the prints of jaw are made splints for teeth (trays), which serve as carriers for the whitening gel at home. This procedure is very safe and simple as using whitening gels with lower concentration of renowned producers, which do not damage the soft tissue. The patient after brief training in the dental office very easily whiten its teeth, wearing the application tray filled with the gel throughout the night or day, coming to periodic dental visits. Although this technique is relatively simple and less expensive than laser teeth whitening, results appear gradually and during the whitening is required abstinence from smoking and drinking discolored matter (coffee, tea, red wine, etc.)
• Important – teeth whitening does not damage the tooth structure!
As side effects of teeth whitening Mississauga occasion should be given the passing tooth sensitivity to cold that occurs in 50% of patients. In these cases, the patient is advised reducing the frequency of wearing application tray (instead of every night – every other night), reducing the concentration of bleaching gel and treating tooth with preparations that reduce tooth sensitivity. This phenomenon is always temporary. After whitening and stabilization of tooth color (after at least two weeks) should be replaced all visible fillings because their color no longer matches the color of whitened teeth.
Non-vital teeth so called “dead teeth” are those whose nerve has been extracted from the root canal. Over time, these teeth change the color and become noticeably darker then the surrounding “live” teeth. Teeth whitening of these teeth last over several days and in the most cases it is possible to restore the old color of these teeth and their old shine.
So, if you want to have a beautiful smile without yellowish teeth go to your dentist and do teeth whitening. Your smile will be brilliant!


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