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Oral Hygiene

Cavities and gum diseases are the most common diseases of modern man. The main factor, which is leading to the occurrence of such diseases, is deposits on the teeth, so called plaque, which make the environment for action of microorganisms. Microorganisms in the presence of sugar with their metabolism produce acids that destroy tooth structure, resulting in a loss of minerals and the formation of cavern. In the cavern, bacteria multiply and continue to destroy tissue, protected from the effects of saliva, which neutralizes the acid and destroys bacteria, tongue and cheeks, which mechanically clean the surface of the teeth and oral hygiene procedures.
Dental plaque is a colorless sticky mass (biofilm) formed in the oral cavity to the teeth, gums, dentures, bridges and other prosthetic supplements. Plaque is not visible to the naked eye, but may be represented by organic dyes that are usually in the form of lozenges, which is chewed.
The effectiveness in preventing caries involves removing food debris and plaque from teeth and gums, balanced diet rich in fiber and low in sugars, and improving the quality of enamel fluoride preparations. Each the best dentist in Mississauga will recommend you how to maintain proper oral hygiene.
• Properly cleaning
The deposits are best removed by brush and toothpaste, which should contains fluoride. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. The most important and most thorough washing should be in the evening after the last meal. Morning washing is doing well after a breakfast. Toothbrush must be new, not older than two to three months. The paste is applied on the dry brush and taken into the mouth without humidification. Teeth should be brushed at least three minutes, making sure that the discharge all available surface: facial, tongue, and biting surfaces. Only when the teeth are cleaned thoroughly, rinse the mouth with the water. Electric brushes are recommended only as a supplement to ordinary toothbrush. It has been found that it is not more efficient then a regular toothbrush. It can be used before and after the evening wash.
• Use of dental floss
With cleansing you can clean three out of five surfaces of the last teeth, and two out of four surfaces of the front teeth. To clean the remaining two areas, the one on the side, it is necessary to use a dental floss. The dental floss should be introduced in the interdental space with gently zigzag movements, taking care not to damage the gums. Silk is wrapped around the tooth and pulls up and down, sliding toward the surface of the tooth and gently under the gum-line. Each tooth is individually cleaned with unused portion of the floss.
The best dentist in Mississauga recommends regular and proper implementation of oral hygiene, which results in oral health – teeth without caries, healthy gums and oral mucosa. Then, the dentist visit is mainly for control purposes.


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