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Emergency Relief From Dental Pain

Sometimes in your life you can face the issue where you need an emergency dental procedure and it’s in the middle of the night or it is a day but you do not have an appointment or your dentist doesn’t leave near you. What can you do and how to solve your issue as fast as you can. First of all in bigger cities you have at least one 24 emergency dental clinic and if you are in a great pain you need to call ahead and tell them that you are coming. Take something for the pain, go and take care of your issue.
On the other hand if you are not so lucky to leave nearby any 24 emergency dental clinic you need to wait till morning there are several things that you can do to ease yourself from the pain until you go to your dentist.
Talking about drugs you can always take ibuprofen and put some ice on the side cheek where you are feeling your issue this will relieve you from some pain. If you are experiencing a major toothache you can make some home remedies that will help you pretty fast and get you through the night.
What can help?
• Clove oil
• Whole cloves
• Past of powdered ginger
• Peppermint tea
• Tincture of myrrh
• Salt
• Ice cubes
• A warm tea bag
Some of these ingredients you should have at your home but how to use them?
- A warm tea bag. If you have a black team preferably that would be the best as it contains tannins that can calm the nerve and give you some relief from the pain
- Place an ice cube in a bag and place it on your cheek or directly on your tooth to calm the nerve if your tooth is aching on cold do not place it on the tooth as it can create even more pain just place it on the cheek it will give you instant relief.
- Peppermint tea – basically anything that cools down is good for you. Make yourself a peppermint tea let it stay for 20 minutes and then drink it but do not swallow it instantly, rinse it in your mouth first for a while then swallow it, do this several times until you feel a little relieved from the pain
- Another thing that you can do is to put a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and rinse several times as salt cleans the area and it will draw out swelling caused by your toothache. This is the easiest method that you can use. Try them all if you have all the stuff mentioned above it definitely can’t hurt it will only help you.


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