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Freway Ebike Review

The Freway eBike is one of newly designed electric bike offerings from established bicycle components—Freway(L.A. the United States).On the basis of creating its own vigor system, it chose to partner with SHIMAHO for their drive system and introduce the advanced Samsung battery to provide strong power for the eBike. This bike performs very well, is made with durable components from SUNTOUR, Junzo Kawai has take the advantage of plenty of patents to drive the company move further. While it’s not the highest standard in cruising ability at 70 miles, it does imply the colorful screen display and smart controller to ensure using experience.(touch panel, battery pack, smart controller )

Driving this electric bicycle is the gear direct drive hub motor from Shimano system, It’s durable and very quiet(the motor prohibits to make any noise),it’s a proven design for the bike driving system refined to be the combination durable and light weight with each iteration.What’s so unique about this specific model is the internal three speed Shimano 27-speed hub built right into the motor! Think of it this way…the ramp on your way home is steep, people always breath shortness and slow down their speed to climb it over, but you just need press the button to get strength that can make it just like the on-road condition. With the system, you don’t need to worry about the vibration and shock when you have to screech to a sudden halt.
Even the bike can not avoid screeching to a sudden halt, front fork reduces vibration and shock, it makes riding much more comfortable, which suits well for the off-road conditions. the bike does come with a bell for those moments when you DO want to be heard .
The Freway battery pack powering this bike offers three levels of speed for the ebike, the higher level it reach, the more fast it cycles. The maximum speed is 30mph,that’s aimed at the wonderful riding experience and it makes accelerating and climbing easier. The battery pack is custom designed to follow the curves of the frame and The battery is designed for removable in the case of you living upstairs and want no trouble to carry it all the time. the time for the recharge is less than the average eBike ,which only takes 2.6H,the same time you watch the AVATAR. it can play the role in the moving out-door power station to charge you laptop and mobile phone. It contains the button: SOS, when something unexpected happens, that can help you instantly. they really did things useful on my own view.

Not only powering the motor, the battery on the Freway electric bike also powers a colorful display that shows you speed, temperature, the mileage and remaining mileage as well as brightness control. The wires are all run through the frame on this bike which makes for a clean aesthetic and they have even added a USB outlet below the panel so you can plug your phone or other smart device in to charge when riding! the clean design compliments the quiet riding experience and beautiful paint job. In addition to the standard touch panel display mentioned earlier, there is an operation that you can turn on or off the front and rear lamp, it’s very practical for your riding. It’s great for me to go camping in the evening, the light is strong enough to hold a party ,which can well sublimed your riding experience.
Up to now, there’s a lot to discuss the Freway but the disappointing thing is, the eBike couldn’t be found recently. Hold on, here is good news, the first batch of Freway eBike will shipped to the customers in North America. you can get a comfortable experience, the speed controlling ,shark absorbing fork, freewheel make it practicable. The price is totally acceptable and deserve the own. The unique design of the tire surface achieve a strong ability to grip, which can guarantee the safety. The seat is humanized that can be adjusted according to your own films. Whether for city or neighborhood riding, the bike can provide good using experience with simple operation. Freway make their efforts to suit the customer batter with the target to 5S(which contains Shape\Safety\Smart\Strength\Save) even though it is a first-generation product, the brand of Freway will drive you further.


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