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Aircraft Management – Go With The King

You may be the owner of an Aircraft. You need to comply with Aviation regulations. Aviation is a highly regulated industry. It is regulated by several federal, state and local government regulations than any other industry. There are a lot of operational and management aspects which can become a head ache for you trying to manage all aspects single handedly. You may not be fully conversant with all the operational aspects. There are many aspects of aircraft maintenance which you may not be familiar with. You may need the aircraft only once or twice a week. Since it is incurring only cost and no revenue during the idle time your bills will add up. It is here that you need to think of options and the concept of Aircraft Management comes into the picture. Having a reputed Aircraft Management Company undertake all your operational aspects would be economical and efficient than trying to manage all aspects yourself.

Aircraft Management is a program offered to aircraft owners and fleet operators by Aircraft Management companies which enables them to operate their aircrafts safely and efficiently. There is a professional touch for the conduct of the business. Their full fledged flight operations department would look into all aspects of operations management. Their maintenance department would be fully equipped to look into all aspects of aircraft maintenance requirements.

Crew management is an operational night mare. Hiring the crew, training them, maintaining them current and complaint with all regulations is not a easy task. Apart from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations there are the TSA(Transportation Security Administration), DOT(Department of Transportation), NTSB(National Transportation Safety Board) and other regulations to comply with. State and Federal employment regulations need to be considered and adhered to. Insurance companies have their own requirements for the crew. High employee turnover in the industry adds to the nightmare. If we entrust our task to a Aircraft Management company their HR and personnel department would fully take care of all these requirements.

As we mentioned before you may need the aircraft only once or twice a week. Rest of the time it is idle and incurring bills. Chartering the aircraft during this time period would be worth considering. You can create revenue and cash flow from chartering out your aircraft. Your crew can also be put to optimal use. It would be difficult for you to work out all aspects of charter management yourself. Your Aircraft Management Company can do a good job for you because they will have a professional marketing and charter booking team. They would have a large network of charter brokers and advertisers through whom they would charter your aircraft for maximum flight usage. Your aircraft would have to adhere to the FAA specifications for CFR(Code of Federal Regulation) 135 operations and other quality control specifications as required by your Aircraft Management company.

Operations management is another aspect you need to consider. It is a day to day hands- on job. The operational environment is ever changing and is time sensitive. If your aircraft is chartered out the operational requirements become more complex and time consuming. However if you entrust the work to an Aircraft Management company they will fully undertake the task of maintaining your aircraft in spotless airworthy condition. They will have the aircraft loaded with catering and consumable supplies and maintain a mission ready crew. Flight planning, flight dispatching and receiving are other aspects to be considered in operations management. There are a lot of administrative tasks like book keeping, tax management, accounting etc which will be efficiently handled by the administrative department of the Aircraft Management company.

JetEXE is a world leader in Aircraft Management and would be your ideal choice as a partner for Aircraft Management. Partnering with JetEXE would be less expensive than operating one’s own flight department. Although their personnel are best in the industry you need to pay them only when you use their services. They can help you free up precious capital which you can invest in your core business. Partnering with JetEXE will easily enable you to comply with FAA and other regulations. They will enable you to offset the cost of ownership by making your aircraft available for charter use. Visit them at and reap all the benefits you can avail with the best Aircraft Management partner.


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