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Ibd And Enteropathic Arthritis Diagnosis

Inflammatory bowel disease conditions are not impossible to combat as currently we have a whole array of specialised treatments that help detect the disease during the earlier stages. Such time-bound diagnosis will help deal with IBD conditions in an effective manner, with the aid of medications such as antibiotics and TNF-antagonist drugs that supress both inflammation and debilitating signs of IBD. Apart from gastrointestinal symptoms, inflammatory bowel disease conditions trigger severe joint inflammation and acute pain, eventually causing enteropathic arthritis. Although the connection between both joint inflammation and intestinal disease are yet to be unveiled, experts around the world continue to speculate that IBD is the significant reason that contributes to the onset of enteropathic arthritis. Akin to comprehensive IBD diagnosis, enteropathic arthritis is diagnosed with the aid of advanced tests that help diagnose the disease condition accurately. Step by step diagnosis of enteropathic arthritis include preliminary physical examination and complete analysis of family history and previous clinical reports. These steps are soon followed by specialised diagnostic tests that help confirm enteropathic arthritis diagnosis.

1.Stool tests – Gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhoea are often indications of chronic IBD conditions which can be detected through stool tests for blood and infections.
2.A clear-cut idea of the functions of the digestive tract can be detected with the aid of colonoscopy, which includes specialised tests where a small camera is attached on a tube and later used to examine the intestines
3.X-rays are used examine and analyse the severity of the disease and extent of joint damage. This analysis also helps determine the exact cause of IBD related back pain, which often results from the chronic inflammation of the sacroiliac joint or sacroiliitis.
4.Patients who suffer from swollen and painful joints have to undergo a specialised test that helps analyse the synovial fluid, in order to determine the right cause of inflammation.

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