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Increase Your Profits With A Healthy Herd

A cattle farm comes with its own set of challenges. Things like vaccination if not taken seriously can return in heavy losses in the form of expensive stock loss. The good news is that thanks to advance veterinary medical research, effective vaccines are available these days. The vaccinations can keep your livestock healthy and at the same time it is not that expensive too. The process of vaccinating the herd involves giving two doses in the beginning, which should be 4 to 6 weeks apart. In addition to this you also have to give one annual booster. Among the most popularly used vaccines are:

5 In 1 Cattle Vaccine
This is probably the most popular vaccine used in the Australian cattle industry. In the cattle industry it is known as the 5 in 1 vaccine. As the name suggests this vaccine provides protection for the cattle against five clostridial diseases that is commonly found across the country namely enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney), malignant oedema (gas gangrene, tetanus, black’s disease and black leg. On an average the 5 in 1 cattle vaccine costs about $.35/dose. This little investment at the right time can help you to protect your herd and prevent any expensive losses in the long run.

7 In 1 Cattle Vaccine
This is just an advanced version of the 5 in 1 vaccine. In addition to the 5 diseases mentioned above the 7 in 1 cattle vaccine has two strains of leptospirosis vaccine included in it. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that is known to affect breeding mothers and young calves. This vaccine prevents abortion and stillbirths that is caused due to leptospirosis. This vaccine is more expensive than 5 in 1. To cut on cost, you can give it to only the breeding females.

Thanks to the Internet, these days you can buy the above discussed vaccines online. If you are lucky you might also end up stumbling upon a promo. The online stores regularly run promos and discounts for their regular customers. But before you go ahead and order ensure the website is genuine and has a secured payment gateway. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of scam sites that are waiting to steal your hard earned money.

To avoid losses that can hurt the overall finances of your business. Plan you cattle vaccination carefully and if need be take the expert advice of a reputed vet doctor too. Stay ahead of your competitors with a healthy herd!

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