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Need More Fun? Why Not Climb Everest

Have you even felt that you are not getting enough out of life? If so, it is time to do something about it. You might decide to climb Everest, sail the seven seas or go diving. However, exploring a different region will always be a popular way to get some fun into your life while still keeping your two feet firmly on terra firma. The only things you need are an experienced, sensible guide to keep you safe – and a camera.

When you explore a region that is so different from your own, it is wise to find out all about it before you go. That way you will have the right clothing, the correct vaccinations and any gear that you will need. In fact, the guide may well provide the gear and equipment as they can then be sure you have the right stuff for safety during your tour.

If you have had no experience climbing Mount Everest you are not likely to know exactly what to take. It is possible that your life could be put at risk without the safety gear you need. That is why you will need to consult with the guide or tour operator to ensure that they provide it, or give you a comprehensive list of all you will need.

If you have to fly in from another country, you won’t want to be laden down with a lot of heavy gear as well as all the clothing you will need, so it is best if the gear is provided. That way you won’t have to worry about having anything and you will be able to take part in many activities whether that includes Nepal trekking tours or going to some other region.
You might decide on a Langtang trek instead, to find out all about the Himalayan culture as well as seeing all those spectacular mountain views. You will meet the Nepalese Tamang people in a magical walker’s paradise where sacred lakes, rhododendron and bamboo forests rub shoulders with icy waterfalls and soaring mountain peaks.

People who stay at home and never venture overseas or into the wilds will miss out on a lot of fun. They don’t get the understanding that comes with meeting people who have a different culture. Once you see how other people live, you may not be so likely to complain about your life. There are many amazing sights to see on planet earth; it is a shame to not see any of them during your lifetime.

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