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Staying Healthy with the Right Orthodontic Treatment

There are many different types of orthodontic treatment that can make a great difference to your looks and also your health. Most people don’t consider crooked teeth a danger to health, but in fact they can cause a whole lot of problems, from not being able to chew properly to more decays than people with straight, even teeth experience.

Not everyone is blessed with a beautiful smile and this can cause many problems socially, as people tend to become withdrawn and lacking in social skills and self esteem when they know they don’t look their best. Unlike a hair problem that can be treated at home in different ways, teeth need professional help if they are to look their best. Even whitening is best done by the dentist because you cannot know for sure if the discolouration is caused by staining or decay. The latter will not go away, no matter how much whitening product you use.

When you attend a dental clinic on a regular basis, your teeth and your health will always be optimal. The dentist can fix any decays before they cause too many problems or get really bad. That way you can avoid major dental procedures such as having a nerve in a diseased tooth taken out. You can have your teeth straightened at the optimum time to ensure that your smile always looks great.

Once your teeth are straightened and you no longer need to wear braces, it is still essential to use retainers to keep them in place. Otherwise the teeth are likely to move out of place and become crooked again. This can happen so gradually you may not notice until it is too late. There are two different types of orthodontic retainer; fixed or removable.

Removable ones are made from clear material that makes them difficult to see and so your teeth will not look like they have retainers on them. The fixed retainers are put into the back of the teeth and cannot be seen or removed at all. It is essential to clean them and your teeth carefully so that decay does not become a problem.

Removable retainers fit over the teeth and must be removed when eating, drinking and playing contact sports. They are also removed for cleaning and care must be taken to clean them according to the dentist’s instructions so that they do not warp or break. While both types of retainers are good, the only trouble with the removable ones is that you may be tempted to leave them out, which will ruin all the hard work that has gone into straightening your teeth.

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