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Different Metal Bending Techniques

"Right from the manufacturing to the construction industry metal bending is a crucial functionality. These industries use different techniques and technology for bending metal to transform it into custom shape as per their requirement. Depending upon the process that is used for bending metal you can get various types of shapes and finishes required specifically for any particular industry. If not for the availability of different metal bending techniques the mighty skyscrapers or other architectural wonders like bridges subways could never have materialized.

There are different metal bending techniques which are used for different processes. Here are some of the most commonly used metal bending techniques:

• Rotary draw: In this technique workers use tools or die sets to get the desired metal bend. Any manufacturing or construction process that requires precise bends in metal use this technique. The die set can be divided into two parts: former die and counter die. Former die is used to create the required shape and the counter die helps to force the metal to bend into the shape that is created by the former die. If the right tool is used you can get metal bends with fine finish.

• Press Bending Technique: This technique of bending metal is a great option when it comes to working with cold and tubing. In this technique a die is used which is in the form of the shape that is required. The tube or pipe is forced against the shape of the die to get the pipe or tube bend as per the requirement.

• Heat Induction: In this technique an induction coil is used to produce heat which helps to bend the metal. These induction coils are capable of generating high temperature that may vary from 800 to 2200 degrees. Once the coil is heated to the right temperature the metal is placed on it and pressure is applied to force it to bend. When the metal has bend as per the specification, it is cooled off by spraying cold water.

• Three Roll Push: The technique uses a free form bending method that can form geometric forms which requires numerous basic bending curves. The metal is passed through the bending roller and supporting roller to get the specific bend.

• Roll Bending: This technique uses three sets of rollers to bend the metal. The rollers apply varying levels of pressure to the metal to get it in the desired formation. Roll bending is commonly used in the manufacturing of metal coils."

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