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Avoid these Frequently Committed Refinancing Mistakes

With the increase in the number of people investing in properties or buying residential or commercial properties, they often end up taking a mortgage to finance their purchase. However with the fluctuating mortgage rates they plan to refinance it when they come across low rates. However during the procedure they end up making certain mistakes that can ruin or lower their chances of refinancing. This articles deals with certain mistakes that must be avoided to secure a profitable deal. So read on to know more about them.

• Failing to do the homework

It is important to do a basic research before calling up the mortgage lender. Your credit score can be a key factor in determining the rate of interest therefore it becomes necessary to have information about the score. A high credit score can help you to secure the refinancing option at lower rates while the opposite can be true with a low score. It would also be beneficial to get a general idea about the real worth of your house. Along with all this information, you can also make the calculations about the monthly payments with the help of a refinance calculator.

• New credit accounts

When a borrower applies for the refinancing option, his credit score is checked, however this procedure is also done just prior to settlement. Applying for new credit cards or making a major purchase on credit can lead to rejection of the application. It must be remembered that every time you open a credit account or purchase something on credit, a decrease would be observed in their credit score. So make a wise and well informed decision.

• Refinancing without rate shopping

Getting your loan refinanced with the current lender can be a convenient task however this sometimes can prove to be a costly affair in the longer run. It must not be assumed that your current lender would give you unique and special rates and deals. Instead compare the quotes given by your lender with those of various other financing institutes on the same days, as the rates may vary daily.

• Forgetting to calculate all costs

Refinancing is done to lower the monthly payments but this should be done only after weighing all the options. Current mortgage documents must be checked to take note of any penalty that is required to be paid. Closing cost must also be taken into consideration along with the remaining time to make the payments on the current home loan.

• Ignoring important ratios

The debt-to-income ratio is one of the key ratios that can have an impact on the refinancing option. This ration is a measure of the borrower’s capacity to pay his pending debts. The guidelines to calculate this ration is flexible however it is advisable to have a low DTI ratio.

While getting your loan refinanced, many things may not work in accordance to your plan therefore, keep a room for mistakes and do not get disheartened if things do not turn around your way. You can always get your loan refinanced from different mortgage lenders or financing institutes by having a good credit score.

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