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Meditation Yoga Classes create harmony between mind, body and soul

Yoga is ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice engaging body, mind and soul. Yoga derives its philosophy from the spiritual and metaphysical beliefs of ancient India. Yoga has been practiced by the human race for thousands of years to treat countless health conditions as well as to establish a healthy balanced approach to life. The ultimate goal of Yoga is to lead the energies of the soul, mind and body into a state of harmonious ‘union’ (oneness), a state known as Self-Realization. Yoga provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits through systematic practices utilizing breath, posture, and meditation.

Various styles of Yoga asanas have been practiced by mankind since antiquity. While some are fast paced and extremely vigorous, others are slow-moving and quite gentle. Meditation Yoga is a form of Yoga comprising Breath, Mind, Body and Spirit. Meditation Melbourne Mind Yogais a disciplined, systematic practice, emphasizing breath regulation, physical posture and most importantly, mental focus. Meditation Yoga is designed in such as way to enhance and improve the bio-energetic functioning of the central nervous system and create harmony and balance between mind, body and soul. The ultimate purpose of Mind-Yoga is to bring ‘peace of mind’ and a ‘loving heart’, a state of contentment and inner happiness.

Dean Das is a leading Meditation Teacher, based in the city of Melbourne. Mind Yoga conducts regular 8 week Meditation Yoga Classes in Melbourne.Dean Das spent many years as a direct disciple of the revered Swami Prakashananda of Nashik, a highly renowned Meditation Master Siddha Guru. Through ‘the grace’ of his Guru Dean Das attained the goal of Yoga known as Self-Realization.

Dean Das conducts 8 week, Meditation Yoga Classes and Courses for beginners and advanced Yoga training. Dean Das personally guides each student through the meditation Yoga process cultivating focused attention and loving empathy. The Mind Yoga Classes Melbourne and Courses conducted by Dean Das improve physical and mental wellbeing in addition to creating harmony and balance between the mind, body and soul.

Enrol now in Meditation Yoga Classes and Courses conducted by Dean Das of Mind Yoga (Aust), to experience the positive changes it offers.

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