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"Murals – The New Expression"

"Murals date back to the prehistoric ages. It has existed in the form of cave paintings across all the continents of the globe. Mural painting is probably the oldest form of human art. The daily life activities of the ancient human settlements are depicted in these ancient paintings. Anthropologists have gathered a lot of information about the life style, ways of hunting and food gathering, religious practices, etc. of prehistoric times by studying the mural paintings on the cave walls.

Over a period of time murals have evolved a lot. Originally, murals were painted using the “fresco” technique. In this technique, colour pigments are added to fresh and wet lime mortar or plastered walls. It is then left to dry off which gets incorporated onto the wet plaster and produces a mural that can look fresh for years to come. Murals have survived all the challenges of time. In this contemporary epoch murals are painted using the traditional as well as non-traditional methods. .

A new technique that has become quite popular in the mural world is transferring a painting or photographic image to a poster paper or canvas that is then pasted over a wall to give the look of either a hand painted mural or a scenic landscape.

These days the trend of having wall murals in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, parlors, wine cellars, children’s rooms etc. has caught up. Skilled professional artists can magically transform the space you choose for the mural. You can easily get in touch with mural artists by doing a quick search on the internet. If you have a taste for exclusivity then you can take the help of artists who specialize in custom made wall murals for homes and offices. Mural artists in Sydney who specialize in making hand crafted murals are always in demand.

To maintain these creative pieces of art you have to clean it once in a while with a non- abrasive cleaning solution. Make sure that you do not use hard cleansing agents as it could damage the surface of the wall mural.

Wall murals have intense impact on people. Not only do these paintings have a soothing effect on your mind and soul but it is also a creative medium to convey messages to reach a crowd of people. This is the reason why many commercial spaces these days are hiring mural artists to decorate their walls. Go ahead and transform your bare wall with this beautiful artwork."

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