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Give Your Home A Rich Look With Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is always in demand. The beautiful craftsmanship and sturdy wood that can last for ages make this furniture category so popular. The furniture of yester years is elegant, stylish and has its own character. Before you go ahead and buy antique furniture, it is advisable to first educate yourself about it. This will help you to look for the right thing. Here is a quick overview of antique furniture.

The value of the furniture depends a lot on the type of wood it is made from. The most sought after are Oak, Walnut, Pine, Teak and Mahogany. Oak wood is known for its striking grains when stained, durability and curability. Walnut wood is a very good shock resistant, sturdy and expensive. Pine wood is light in weight and soft, which makes it a carpenter’s favourite choice as it is easy to work with. It has a property to hold paint or varnish well. Teak wood has been ruling the wood world because of its unique capability to give an oily look. Most of the antique orient furniture is made out of teak wood. Last but not the least Mahogany wood is probably the most sort after as it has a beautiful grainy pattern with open wood pores. Furniture made from Mahogany can be given the perfect finish as it is easy to curve and is of the perfect texture. This is the reason why Mahogany is very popular with vintage home décor enthusiasts.

Antique furniture can be broadly divided into English, European, American and Chinese category. English furniture is further divided into Pre-Victorian and Victorian style. European furniture is usually of German or French origin. American furniture has three styles: Western, New York and Shaker.

Vintage furniture can be considered as a good investment like Bohemian jewelery as over the years its value is sure to appreciate. But you must be careful while handling antique furniture. Even a minor damage will depreciate the value. You need to give it a touch of polish and wax once in a year to maintain the rich and elegant look for years to come.

When you are out shopping for antique furniture, be very cautious and inspect the furniture carefully. Do not rush with your purchase. Check for authenticity, damages, replacements, etc. Condition is of utmost importance while determining the value of the furniture. Do not confine your research about the furniture to the store. It is always a good idea to take a second opinion from elsewhere. Carefully buy antique furniture and enjoy it for years.

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