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The Joys of Scrapbooking

If you are looking for a hobby that can be as easy or as complicated as you choose to make it, then scrapbooking is the one for you. Just think what a satisfaction it would be to make your own book or books about the wonderful events in your life. With the addition of modern technology, photos are no longer those boring black and white pictures of people standing in a row. You can take heaps of snaps for a small cost and doctor them up on the computer to look quite different from the original before you print them out to go in your book.

In addition, you can add other kinds of mementos such as tickets, place cards, invitations and so on; everything that is relevant to your trip or event. In fact, a scrapbook is the ideal way to remember your wedding, or that of a friend or relative. You can decorate your special book with items from nature such as pressed flowers or colored earth, pretty leaves, feathers or seeds gathered from the venue.

Let's not forget the pretty scrapbook supplies that are available in the shops. All kinds of little shapes, beads, lace, pictures and stickers can be had for minimal cost and will make your book look really fabulous. You can choose items that enhance the theme of the book. For instance, if you are making a scrapbook to commemorate a cruise, you might choose beach or ocean theme items such as shells, anchors, sea creatures and so on.

If the book is for a wedding, you can add wedding invitations and place cards, some pressed flowers and leaves from the bouquets, lace from the wedding dress and of course, many photos of the happy event. You'll have a great deal of fun making such a book and when it is finished it will become a treasure for many generations of people to admire.

Another satisfying and creative hobby is card making. You don't even have to be an artist as there are so many ways to decorate a card and the recipient will feel honored to get such a beautiful gift that took time to make. So how can you decorate a card? There is paper tole – another paper-based hobby that will supply many beautiful shapes and designs to go on the card.

Or you can paint an abstract design, use crayons or pencils, stamp designs on it or use your computer to find and print out many other wonderful pictures, photos or designs. You could do cross stitch on it, add stickers or cut out other pictures or shapes to go on it. Not only will you have fun, but you will always have a card on hand to give on a special occasion.

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