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Get the Most Out Of Your Team with AFL Coaching Drills for All Ages

We love our footy and it doesn’t matter whether it is the young ones or the big boys playing, there is nothing like a dynamite game of footy. If you want your team to play at their best then you need to get the best help you can, it will give you the leading edge and ensure that your team is top of the table. You can find expert programmes that can help by providing AFL coaching drills that you can use with your team.

Look for a programme that provides coaches and players with benchmarks for achievement based on a specific stage of development, so that coaches can pitch the content to the relevant age level and standard as this creates a productive learning environment that is fun, challenging, engaging,  and purposeful and allows players to achieve instant success in a supportive environment where the main focus is on player development.

A good programme will play an active role in improving the quality of coaching, teaching, and skill development with a focus on the technical and tactical aspects of the game. It should also target individual development for a coach and player by providing detailed information and strategies to develop in all key areas of the game. This can help unify a football program and improve outcomes for players and coaches from junior to senior football by assisting them to get the best out of their players and themselves. 

The best programmes work on the principle of creating a set of standards (curriculum) aligned to different stages of development that essentially outlines the skills a player should possess at a given age. This allows the coach to have a clear vision of individual and team goals at the start of a season. This will inform planning and act as a measuring tool to judge if the players have mastered what they were supposed to learn and the coach has effectively taught the skills their players need to know.  

You can find resources that provide numerous AFL training drills per stage of development with variations and key coaching points. They will also include information on a number of key areas important to players and coaches including communication strategies,  leadership,  assessment, feedback,  game play strategies, key performance indicators,  training programs,  and performance guidelines as well as information on positional play,  team principles and strategies.
With the right programme and AFL drills your team will rise to the top.

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