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Top 5 Advantages of PAY PER CLICK (PPC) Campaign

Pay-per-click or commonly known as PPC at times is referred to as paid search advertising or paid search marketing. In this online advertising technique, sponsored links are purchased on search engine results pages (SERP), sites, high PR content websites or blogs. For this paid search advertising you have to pay a certain amount to have your site displayed on SERPs when an user types in some keywords or phrases in the search bar on any search engine. The SERPs will show the paid ads that you have created to direct viewers or traffic to your website. The amount you pay for PPC campaign is either on the basis of clicks or on the number of views of these ads.

Well planned and optimized PPC campaigns can be well thought-out cost-effective way of online advertising. Contrasting with traditional forms of advertising, PPC is crafted to reach particular website visitors who have shown interest in a specific service or product at any point of time by selecting and clicking on certain specific advertisements.

PPC campaigns or paid advertisements are a great way to support your inbound marketing efforts and get the most out of coverage. Here we are putting forward top 5 advantages that you can achieve by creating and managing a paid advertising campaign for your business:

1) Instant Results – If you are looking for quick results and instant visibility on search engines then you can launch PPC ad campaigns to achieve it and get targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website.

2) Reach– With paid advertising you can send additional traffic to your website thus enhancing your online visibility and promoting you as a pioneer in your business field.

3) Highly-targeted site traffic – Allocating various ad copies for particular keywords and locations can significantly enhance the quality of site traffic. You can also schedule these PPC ads for the period of the best sales and in exclusive locations depending on your requirements.

4) Testing Capabilities – A PPC campaign is the best way to test and check new ideas or services. You can test the keyword performances prior to a new product launch, experimenting different offers or price structures or may be just enhancing an existing paid advertising campaign. You can also test A/B for a landing page via these paid ads as they permit you to direct traffic of your choice on different web pages in order to find out which pages are converting at the highest rate.

5) Maximize ROI – As you pay for a particular ad only when a user clicks on it makes it much easier to manage costs, keep a track of conversions and conclude your ROI. Cost-per-conversion is really important when you are analyzing and comparing your PPC campaign ROI along with other marketing options. The keyword performance report is accurate and correct and you can track the campaigns on different parameters like demographics, unique visits, bounce rate etc.

Even though PPC campaigns can help you get targeted visitors to your website, grabbing the attention of your future prospects, you should make sure that you work out ways to grow and develop long term relationships with them. PPC campaign will only be able to offer limited results so it needs the support from other online marketing solutions. With no online visibility and brand awareness, paid ad campaigns will only attract window shoppers. You should not forget that all marketing mediums work in a vacuum and it is not possible that each click will convert into a prospective buyer; hence an effective PPC campaign is required to enhance the quality and value of your paid search marketing campaigns.

You should set your goals and aims before launching your PPC campaign. Paid advertising can surely helps in generating a lot of targeted traffic for your website in a quick span of time but there is a cost attached with it. You need to comprehend the lead closure time and life-ling customer value to calculate the long-term ROI of your PPC ad campaign.


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