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Protect Your Crop With The Right Product From Bird Netting Suppliers

If you are a professional grower then you understand how important it is to keep the flies and birds away from your product, the last thing you want is to put all the work in only to feed the pests. That is why is it is so important to find the right products that can protect your precious crop from the depredations of these pests. With the best quality products you can be sure that you are going to be able to harvest a decent crop at the end of the season rather than picking through the leftovers of a pest feast. Find good bird netting suppliers online now and give yourself some insurance against those birds and bugs that want to steal your hard grown product.

Industries that have benefited from protective structures include orchards, nurseries, aquaculture, market garden and hydroponics, livestock, car and caravan storage, council landfills and the mining industry. Get protective canopies that have proven strength and durability in even the most extreme weather conditions. As well as protection from pests your structure will provide reduced sun and heat stress, reductions in evaporation rates and hail, wind, rain and frost protection.

 Depending on your application a protective canopy will meet your requirements using the expansive range of protective nets available and the following structure design considerations: flat or pitched roof for hail protection, shade factors, wind protection factor, canopy height, vertical or angled side walls, internal post layout, bird and bat exclusion, insect and fruit fly exclusion structure, double galvanised cable, high tensile galvanised wire, galvanised anchor rods and screws, galvanised cable splices, PVC hail links and sleeve and hardwood, treated pine or steel posts.

With fruitfly netting you can be sure that your product is going to make it to market without any blemishes on it, meaning that you will get top dollar for it rather than having to settle for less.

You can also buy some great greenhouse kits online right now that can help you protect your crop for a minimal financial out lay. The best will have a galvanised frame consisting of galvanised steel purlin post and gutter plus galvanised steel pipe roof. These structures are designed to expand with your business. As the gutter is a structural member you can fit additional spans or increase length at any time with no modification to the existing structure.

Get online now and find a good supplier that can help you out.

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