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Publish PDF Online to Digital Magazine

PDFs are the simplest online versions of a print magazine. You just post the PDF file of your magazine online and allow people to view it. However, PDF is not an ideal format for readers because:
* Large files are often blocked by firewalls and slow to download
* Reader experience is cumbersome—you have to read pages sequentially
* No interactive content

Besides these reasons, PDF is also limiting for publishers- you cannot integrate rich media or add new content to it. At the same time, you cannot track viewer activity, and do search engine optimization options. Putting PDF magazine online directly is quickly becoming obsolete for magazine publishers.

Digital Magazines (flip books) are high-quality online replicas of print publications that offer value-added functionality such as interactive media and live links. There is no file downloading and it is easier for readers to navigate with a flexible control strip and search functionality. Advertisers like this approach because they can replicate print advertisements online and embed active links to their website. However, people find these solutions hard to read because they're based on PDFs that were designed for print viewing, not for the Web. Reading requires a lot of zooming in and zooming out. Digital magazines are a lively way to view a static print magazine online.

So, which way would you choose? Let's look at the following information. According to Marketing Land, almost 40% of all internet usage is on Mobile devices. Another startling statistic, according to Pew Internet Research, 17% of Americans only use their Mobile device for internet browsing. These statistics are useful for anyone creating a digital magazine must keep mobile devices in mind when putting content on their webpage.

A lot of companies and individuals upload material to their website in the form of PDF format: these include catalogues, brochures, and directories, marketing material and much, much more. There would be some problems. The problem when putting a PDF on a website is when it comes to certain mobile devices, the PDFs may have to be downloaded to view on a mobile device. This requires that mobile device to have a PDF reader. Problems can occur when there is no PDF reader available on those devices or if the reader is reluctant to download the PDF to view on their devices.

Is there a solution for this issue? Sure. The solution for this is to convert the PDFs into digital publications which can be viewed directly on a browser without having to be downloaded to view. One such Software that can be used to convert online PDF to digital magazine is the Kvisoft flipbook maker When the publication is created and is ready to be put online, you can upload the files online to your website.
When the publication is built online, it will output in both Flash and mobile version. The mobile version digital magazine is compatible with mobile devices and when the publication is opened it will open in the browser. Each publication that is created will have its own URL. This is a useful tool especially for brochures or catalogs.

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