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Consulting the Child Custody Lawyer in Miami

There are a lot of procedures and issues are involved in the child support issue, consulting the child custody lawyer is the best option to consider.

When dealing with custody issues, there are two components. The first is physical custody, or who the children are physically residing with. The second is legal custody, or who has the decision making power when it comes to matters such as the children’s education, health, and so forth. Then the later part is hiring the best child custody lawyer Miami.

When thinking about moving out, consider how it will affect one’s physical custody preference. Generally speaking, the farther away client move, the more difficult frequent visitation becomes, and the less likely client will be granted shared physical custody of her children. It is extremely difficult to maintain a shared physical custody arrangement if client move a long distance away. If client move to another school district, it may interfere with a weekday visitation schedule. Not being able to transport the children to school oneself may limit client to weekend, summer, and holiday visitation only. Consider how much time client would like to spend with client‘s children, and factor that into her decision of how far away and where client move to when leaving the marital home. Client should discuss and agree on how frequently the noncustodial parent may call, whether the calls will be at a set time, and so on. The rules should not be overly restrictive, but they should take usual meal times, bedtime, homework, etc. into account.

Discuss the logistics of the visitation schedule. For example, discuss who will pick the children up and drop them off, where client will pick them up and drop them off, and what time the pick-ups and drop-offs will occur. Decide how client will divide time around upcoming holidays. If client reach an agreement, it is best to have it put in writing and signed. Include the rules regarding telephone access in this agreement. Assuming that, if client move out, she is leaving her children in the care of her spouse, it would be wise to seek an agreement with his or her spouse concerning a temporary schedule for time-sharing with the children. Client might lose a little of her bargaining power if she do not have a schedule established prior to leaving. Even if client move without a temporary custody and access agreement, she is still the parent of the children. Client has a right to be with and co-parent her children, subject to her spouse’s right to do the same. To get more legal advice and support consult the child custody lawyer miami.

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