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A Good Sacramento Child Support Attorney Could Help

Hiring the best child support attorney is the best option to consider to face legal issues on child support.

If one is deciding about the child support, then considering talking to the Sacramento child support attorney. Both the parents has the right to take care of the child even after the divorce however, this is a very complicated situation which involves emotional, financial, legal and other issues. The parent living with the children does not have the legal right to deny the other parent access to the children simply because there is no agreement or court order stating what the access shall be. The competing, undefined rights of the two parents to be with the children can lead to confrontation and ugly scenes that are not good for the children. If client cannot reach an agreement, she move out anyway, and her spouse unreasonably restricts the time with and access to the children, it is usually best to promptly go to court and obtain a court order to clarify the situation. Unfortunately, this will probably result in the incurring substantial attorney’s fees early in the divorce process.

If client want to move and take the children with him or her, consider the effect that moving from their home, neighborhood, and possibly school, on top of their parent's separation, may have on them. If client’s spouse does not agree, there could be immediate court action needed. Generally, the judge will not approve of moving the children unless there is a safety issue. If client feel that she have to move for her own safety and take the children with client for their well-being, client should not deny her spouse access to the children—unless client fear for their safety. Otherwise, the judge may conclude that client are attempting to alienate her children from the other parent, and may rule in his or her favor on that basis.

If client and her spouse agree that she must separate and are at an impasse on who is to leave, she may want to consider a nesting arrangement. In these arrangements, the children stay in the house full-time, and the parents move in and out. These arrangements can be useful in breaking an impasse and minimizing disruption to the children. They can also save money if the parents share an apartment for their time out of the house. However, most professionals familiar with separation and divorce do not consider nesting a viable long-term solution for most divorcing couples. A good sacramento child support attorney could help in solving the issue in a better way.

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