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Why Boston Open Fit Hearing Aid Are So Popular Among Users

With the recent innovations and application of digital technology, options available in hearing aid are surely overwhelming. When you are struggling to choose the best hearing aid then possibilities are more, that audiologist will recommend open fit hearing aid if you are looking to enhance your hearing capacity.

Although internet is good source for finding relevant information it is even better if you get one reliable source where you can get answers to all your questions. Boston Open Fit Hearing Aid is one such pace where you can find all the answers to all your queries about open fit hearing aids. What actually is Open Fit Hearing Aid?

Similar to behind the ear hearing aids they seat on top of your ear but are very much smaller in design. The biggest difference being the part that goes in the ear never occludes or plugs up the entire ear. This design seems to have any seeming obstruction in passing even the faintest sounds easily and naturally via a small tip that goes in ear.

Benefits of Using Open Fit Hearing Aids

• Considering the frequency of human speech ranges between 250Hz to 6000 Hz these aids are designed to break these frequencies in smaller sections denoted as channels. User has advantage of controlling each of this channel individually as well in groups so that the hearing aid can be programmed by the user according to his/her hearing requirements.

• Noise reduction is another important feature advertised by Boston Open Fit Hearing Aid that is able to determine the non-modulated and modulated sounds. By increasing the number of channels used in hearing aid, each manufacturer has gained prolific precision in noise reduction.

• Feedback reduction is another advantage of using open fit hearing aid. By reduction or cancellation of acoustic feedback, users are able to hear only the speech sound and not other annoying sounds like squealing or buzzing sound.

• Placement of directional microphones is another advantage of these hearing aids as they are capable of picking sounds from specific directions as they are called as Omni-directional. In addition, with the use of appropriate technology microphones used in certain brands of open fit hearing aids they become adaptive directional switching the best fit mode to pick up the sound.


For all the people who want to use hearing aid but want to keep the secret from others using Boston Open Fit Hearing Aid is the best option. With the improvement in technology, the size of these hearing aids is becoming even smaller. So far, many users using this hearing aid are satisfied with the results and even well known audiologists recommend these hearing aids to their patients due to their unmatched benefits and high quality sound.

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