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A Brief About The Tulsa Work Accident Lawyer

It is important to find the best lawyer in the city to fight for getting the compensation for the injured occurred on job.

Two workers suffer the exact same injury. One recovers from the physical injuries as expected, undergoes physical therapy to regain function, returns to the pre-injury job and is awarded a nominal award for permanent impairment. He resumes his life with minimal disruption and long-term effect. The second worker undergoes a normal course of recovery front the initial presenting injury, but has lingering pain that does not have any clear medical etiology. He undergoes a long series of treatments by an increasing small army of doctors to find and treat the cause. He attempts physical therapy, but is guarded and resistant, fearing re-injury. His case goes into protracted litigation, with the employer questioning the legitimacy of the currently reported symptoms and the worker pressing, through his Tulsa work accident lawyer, for the largest possible award. The worker becomes despondent about his future and the impact on his degenerating family life. He becomes addicted to pain medications.

Eventually he “wins" an award of permanent total disability, of which the attorney gets a sizable percentage, and finds that it is insufficient to restore or maintain the lifestyle he had prior to injury. He has no hope of returning to productive life, and seeks support from the Social Security disability system for continued maintenance. In examining this phenomenon, it is important to avoid confusing the outward manifestations of a complex mechanism with its causes. Much has been written about the predictive value of psychosocial factors in understanding the difference between these two workers. As an explanation it is instructive, but insufficient.

Psychosocial factors may contribute to the result, directly or indirectly, or they may be co-morbid with the failure to recover as expected, but they do not cause it. Developments in the understanding of how the human mind works and reshapes its internal networks to adapt to stimuli give added depth to the understanding of why some claimants thrive and return to life, and why others spiral into disability and emotional dysfunction. The way that we treat people and the expectations that we create in the course of processing their claims through the dispute resolution system can have significant impact on their ultimate outcome. Many of those that h to act like victims learn so well that they never stop. This process, sometimes referred to as iatrogenic disability, system-made disability, or needless disability, has been well documented in medicine. There is strong indication that a similar phenomenon is created by the adversarial nature of dispute resolution in workers’ compensation claims. Hire the tulsa work accident lawyer to get legal help and support.

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